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Leica HDB 2200 First Impressions

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My first impression of the Leica HDB 2200 rangefinding binoculars is simple, wow! These are an impressive set of binoculars and an equally impressive rangefinder. The idea behind this gear switch up was simple, carry less stuff. By investing in a set of Leica HDB 2200 binoculars I’ve got a rangefinder and an observation device packed into one unit. To this point I’d been carrying a rangefinder and a separate monocular or spotting scope for observation. You might think a precision rifle competition is all about shooting. In reality you spend a lot more time watching than you do shooting. So it pays to have a rangefinder that allows you to watch as well as range!

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National Rifle League – Mile High Shootout

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This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the National Rifle League match in northern Colorado, the Mile High Shootout! This match was put on by Robert Quigley and a host of good folks that donated their time to make it happen! It was set in the hilly countryside about 17 miles west of Craig, Colorado! It was a great venue that offered extremely challenging wind conditions. That was all paired up with a challenging course of fire to round out maybe the most difficult match I’ve ever shot. I think there were a number of guys who walked away from it a bit humbled! It still made for a great time!

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Chronographing Barrel Break In

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We’ve had a couple articles in the past on the importance of Chronographing Barrel Break In. This is especially true when breaking in a new barrel. The first several rounds through a barrel will likely see an increase in velocity. As the small burrs and imperfections of the bore are worn in by the passing projectiles there is often a velocity increase. That matters because if you chronograph a new barrel and head to a match you’re in trouble. Chances are excellent that at some point in the first 150 rounds or so the muzzle velocity will pick up and your DOPE will be off as a result. I’ve had it happen to me at a match, no bueno. I wanted to dig into this topic a bit more, so let’s go!

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Ruger Precision Rifle: The Timney Trigger

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Hey everyone it’s Don again. This Yeti finally managed to get himself out into the cold for some shooting. Good thing too because I’ve been really excited to get this particular article out the door. Today I’m going to be talking about another trigger offering for the Ruger Precision Rifle, …

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Barrel Nut Installation Process

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We’ve talked a bunch about barrel nut setups on AccuracyTech in the past. Specifically Rem/Age style barrel installations where a Savage style nut is used to install a barrel onto a Remington Action. Barrel Nut Installations are becoming more and more popular. Now you see high end, custom actions, like the Bighorn TL3 and Mausingfield being threaded for Savage style threads. This enables the user to install a barrel of their choice. The owner can set the headspace with gauges and lock everything down with the barrel nut. All of this can be done without having to ship the action off or pay the $700-$850 that a rebarrel typically costs.