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Have you ever heard the expression, “Experience is the best teacher?” I tend to believe that statement as it has proven itself more than a few times in my life. One thing I never thought was all that necessary, was the scope magnification ring throw lever, or “cat tail” as it is also called. Well, I can tell you, from experience, that it is a welcomed accessory if you plan to do any competing with a precision rifle. I found myself ready on one stage and I was able to get on target and engage several successfully. My wind calls were good and my dope was spot on. Unfortunately for me, this was a rather expansive stage, and it required a lot of adjustment of the shooting position from one set of targets to another. What happened was, I got lost in the terrain. I had to reach up and manually back my power range down a bit to widen my field of view to help search for the targets I had yet to engage. Then I had to crank it back up a bit so I could get a good look at the target when I found it. My next problem is, the target I found, wasn’t the target I thought it was. When I fired I landed way short of it, technically a rule violation in the competition. My problem was I thought I was shooting at one target, and I was actually engaging a different one. So the scope was set for the wrong distance and my shot was subsequently way off target.

That doesn’t sound all that bad. However, when you are on the clock, seconds count. You also face the problem of losing points for a miss or possibly a penalty depending how far off you were. I lost time monkeying with my power ring and I got lost in my target selection haphazardly messing with the magnification. If you’ve ever grabbed a Nightforce power ring, you know it’s built like a tank and pretty tight. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a little widget that made that process easy? Enter the 3GunStuff throw lever. While I didn’t have the ring for that particular competition, I immediately saw the benefit after not having one bit me in the ass on that competition stage.

Throw Lever

Throw Lever

Here's the hinge and screw

Here’s the hinge and screw

Slightly different angle, note the little protruding notches that lock onto the scope

Slightly different angle, note the little protruding notches that lock onto the scope


The 3GunStuff Throw Lever is well made, from aluminum, with a pin hinge that you can use to open the ring when installing it. As you close the ring it has little raised areas that fit the knurls of your scope and help lock it in place. I found that once it was closed and the screw tightened holding the two halves in place, it locks onto your scope’s magnification ring very solidly. Turning the ring back and forth with the lever is much easier now. I believe this will be of great benefit in changing magnification to search for and zero in on targets at future competition events.


I purchased a scope throw lever from 3GunStuff, which comes pretty highly recommended. Obviously, they make equipment for 3Gun, which tends to be a dynamic environment, not unlike some tactical rifle matches. When the lever arrived I was pleased with my decision. One thing I wasn’t after was a giant lever sticking out from the top of my scope. I don’t want to obstruct my view of the turrets and level in the prone position. I also don’t want it getting snagged and hooked on my gear when moving between stages or running through the actual stage. The 3GunStuff lever is just the right size. It’s wide and lets you get a good grip on it but it isn’t so tall that it’s going to be a huge snag concern.

Lever on the rifle!

Lever on the rifle!


I don’t believe anybody will have any issues with durability with the 3GunStuff Scope Throw Lever. It clamps very securely to the body of your scope and it is built heavily enough in the areas where it might be exposed to a snag or bump that it inspires confidence in that regard. Besides, if you manage to destroy this lever, I’d hate to see what your $1500-$3500 dollar scope looks like as a result!


The price is fair given the materials involved in its construction and the quality of the overall design. There isn’t a lot to say about this part of the review, it won’t break your bank nor is it a total steal. It is priced fairly.

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