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When you look at a pile of gear like what I’ve got shown above, there’s something people never talk about much in actual articles: where do you buy everything?! That’s the topic of this post. Places to buy gear! I’m going to run down six places I use to purchase gear. I’m going to tell you a little about each of them and why I use different ones for different things. The key part of this is that I’ve had positive experiences with each of these vendors. None of these people have ever taken a long time to ship items or given me any kind of hassle. That’s important because we all work hard for our money, right? When we spend it we want to get what we paid for with a minimum of hassle whenever possible. So let’s get started!

#6 – PrecisionReloading.com


I stumbled onto these guys during the great Sandy Hook gun scare. If you remember this, it was after the Sandy Hook school shooting when our Commander in Chief vowed to impose strict gun control. Lord did that throw the whole industry into a frenzy! Every freakin’ idiot on earth bought every box of bullets and pound of powder they could find, even when they had never hand loaded a single round in their lives. You could call it hoarding, I call it idiocy. Then we had to deal with the skyrocketing prices of all reloading components because they were in such demand. Then there were those idiots I mentioned earlier scalping stuff left and right.

PrecisionReloading.com has always shipped things quickly for me. Their site is well designed and easy to navigate. They send email confirmations after the order is placed and they were very helpful when I asked about an order I made. Apparently their system didn’t interface with USPS at the time so there wasn’t an automatic email of the tracking number. They were happy to look it up and provide it over the phone at which point I learned it was being delivered the same day. Can’t go wrong here! I’ve mainly used them for reloading components and equipment but they do have a good mix of other stuff available as well!

#5 – OTMTactical.com


I had browsed the selection at On The Mark Tactical several times in the past but until recently I hadn’t had a reason to try them. That’s not a knock on them, they just weren’t one of the first places I looked for stuff at the time. Well, it turned out as I was building up my new competition rifle that finding 6.5×47 Lapua brass was quite a challenge. Nobody had any. I had seen these guys advertising a whole bunch of different Lapua brass as in stock. So I had a look at their prices. They are perhaps the best source I’ve found for Lapua brass. The price is easily below the competition and the shipping is reasonable!

I received the brass quickly and I had ordered several boxes, I knew I would need at least 300 cases available for matches and after my usual source ran dry, I ordered from OTM. They shipped quickly and the brass arrived packaged well. Tracking information was emailed and I was able to keep tabs on the brass while in transit. These guys cater to the Precision Shooting crowd so in addition to hand loading supplies, they have other items quite useful in the sport!

#4 – TriadTactical.com


I can’t say enough good things about Triad Tactical. These guys are an old hat with regard to Precision Shooting gear. If you are looking for a place to buy gear, look no further. I ordered some of the very first items I ever bought as I got into precision shooting from Triad Tactical. They have an excellent mix of gear. Anything from rear bags to rifle bags to bipods and anything in between. They ship quickly and are very meticulous about their inventory. They like to say “if you can order it, we have it in stock” and I’ve found that to be quite true. Their prices are competitive and they produce a number of products under their own brand.

Specifically, the Triad Tactical brand items are of excellent quality. They are proudly made in the USA with US materials and US labor. If you want to purchase a pouch for your Kestrel or a nice bag to transport your rifle that’s USA made…have a look at these folks. At a time in the world where more and more products have the labor and materials sourced outside the USA it’s refreshing to find products still proudly made right here at home.

#3 – ThirdGenerationShootingSupply.com


I debated with myself a bit as to whether or not to include these guys. Not because they are anything but awesome. Rather, because I’ve probably searched, found, and sourced more powder that I needed for loading different calibers at Third Gen than on any other site. I might go as far as to say they are my go to source for powder! I don’t know how big an operation they have, I’ve never been in person. However I have looked at the “number in stock” next to some powder brands that I purchase after they have received a shipment and it’s crazy! These guys move a ton of powder in and out of their shop so if you’re after something with regard to powder, bullets, etc. give them a look.

I want to say they’ve always shipped quickly and provided tracking information. In addition to being a major force for good in the reloading supply business, I have to mention their support for the Precision Shooting sports too. These guys host the Third Gen Heatstroke match in the PRS series each year and it’s one of the biggest events every year. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about them. Just don’t forward this article to the damned powder hoarders and dry up one of my better sources!

#2 – Brownells.com


How could I not mention Brownells? When I’m looking for places to buy gear, they are one of the first stops I make on the internet. Their prices are quite fair. To be honest, their prices are kind of the standard in my mind. If someone is selling above the Brownells mark then it’s probably a bit high in my mind. Likewise, Brownells prices can be beaten with sales and other little buyers incentives. The important thing is, I’ve never seen them gouge on pricing even when products are in high demand. They don’t always have high demand products in stock, but they don’t get a few of those products in and bump their prices up 20 bucks over what the price should be either.

When talking about places to buy gear I have to mention the Brownells satisfaction guarantee. Anything you are unhappy with, can be returned at any time, for any reason, period. I’ve purchased some expensive optics for my Patrol Rifle and after using them for a while, returned them. I felt guilty, it was a lot of money. I wasn’t happy with the performance of the optics and I wrote my reasons down on the return form. They refunded the money no questions asked. You can bet your ass I bought the optics that are on that rifle now from Brownells. They’ve recently added a lot of camping, survival, and archery gear to their lineup as well, if that’s your sort of thing.

#1 – MileHighShooting.com


These guys are my favorite place to shop for Precision Shooting gear. I’m an old customer of theirs and I can say I’ve been shopping there since the days they were running the business out of the basement of their house. Randy and Diann Pennington are just awesome people. Randy is a Veteran and his Wife is one of the friendliest ladies you’ll have the pleasure of talking to. They know the ins and outs of the Precision Shooting industry and they stock the best gear, no junk. They are the US Distributor for Accuracy International and SPUHR. They stock products from a host of top end companies like TAB Gear, Red Tac, Berger, AI, SPUHR, Nightforce, Schmidt & Bender, Bushnell, etc. The list is too long to go into all the great products they have.

Their service is what sets them apart. Their motto is “A Mile Above the Rest” and I’ll attest to that. If you need something, they will hook you up. If it’s a rush product because you have a match coming up, they’ll make it happen in time for you to get what you need. When my extractor claw sheared off during the 2014 Sniper’s Hide Cup, they were the first place I called. They had the part I needed and it was ready when I got there! They even gave me a discount on the price if I’d bring some stuff to their folks running a table at the event. They’re just the kind of people that look for ways to help you out instead of looking for ways to bend you over or fleece you. They’re local for me so even if another place has the item cheaper, I try to buy stuff from them because they are such a great group of people you honestly want to go out of your way to support their business. You want to do it because their business is really supporting you!

Wrapping Up

This is by no means a comprehensive list of every good place to shop. It’s merely meant to give guys starting out or who are having trouble finding places to buy gear a few suggestions that might help them out. I’ve had nothing but positive interactions with all these folks so I doubt very much you’d be wronged by any of them. If you’ve got any experiences of your own that involve the vendors discussed here, I’m sure other people reading the article would love to hear from the readers! Drop your own story in the comments below!

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