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Rich getting some trigger time in at the range!

What is AccuracyTech, LLC. about? Awesome Content! We have revamped our goals a couple times over the years as the site has grown and we’ve adjusted it to match. Our primary goal is to provide you, the reader, with great stuff to read. If you are interested in Precision Rifle Shooting then this is the website for you! We launched in 2013. Since then traffic to the site, our posts, and reviews have quadrupled. We are on track to triple the traffic and articles in our third year! We listen to our readers and we make adjustments where they are suggested. The result is a badass information source for anybody interested in Precision Rifle Shooting!

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A day on the range beats a day at the office!

The site owner is a long range shooter for seven years. With a love of all things long rifle and long range he competes whenever possible and attends training classes geared towards tactical shooting. He uses the experience gained shooting professionally, and for recreation, to give him a broad perspective about what shooters like you are after when it comes to gear and equipment. All comments and questions are welcome so don’t hesitate to fire off an email with the contact form or leave a comment on an article or review!

Some people like statistics, so let’s throw some out there. AccuracyTech is a rapidly growing site. It is one of only a handful of websites dedicated to Long Range Precision Rifle with frequent updates and articles for the readers. In our second year, our yearly web traffic was over 300% of what it was during the first year. Our average daily visits tripled with the addition of our blog articles. Third year? We’re finishing up just shy of a 600% traffic surge since the year before. Clearly, our message is resonating with precision shooters today. The goal of the site is to provide the reader with an ‘average joe’ perspective with regard to gear and topics of discussion. If you want to help us out, all you have to do is share a post that you found useful with a buddy! The whole idea is to help shooters of all experience levels!


Field matches make excellent gear proving ground!

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