Exos Defense Ti-7 Buttstock

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We were talking with the folks over at Exos Defense and Exos Gear recently about some products they wanted us to take a look at. I took them up on their offer to check our their Ti-7 buttstock and really liked how it turned out. For starters, their packaging is beautiful! Not that I buy products based on packaging, but it’s a nice touch when the product you shell out money for comes in good looking packaging! I was also surprised to find a whole slew of schwag in the box beyond just the stock. They also sent over their trigger guard, pistol grip, and stock support for precision work! First thing I did was bust out some tools to get everything mounted up, then I shot with the stock and accessories for a while. I took it to a qualification course at work. I even mounted a 1-4x scope on it to really try out the stock support. How did it all go? Read on!

Exos Defense Ti-7 Buttstock

First step was mounting up all the goodies! I’m going to get a couple points out from the word go. I wanted to try the Exos Defense Ti-7 stock out in multiple configurations. To this point I’d been running a Magpul STR on my patrol rifle. I wanted to see how the Exos Defense Ti-7 worked both in a carbine/patrol rifle configuration, as well as a special purpose/precision rifle configuration. So it went through a qualification course at work with a Trijicon RMR on it, which is what I run on my patrol rifle. I’d much prefer a variable optic, but I don’t make the rules so I make do with what I’ve got. What I can say about the Ti-7 is that it’s perfectly comfortable in either environment. The cheek weld area of the stock is almost identical in feel and angle to the Magpul STR. So much so that at times I forgot I’d even swapped the stock out. I definitely prefer a wider shelf for my cheek on any AR platform rifle!


A whole box of Exos goodies! Thanks guys!


Putting the goodies on the rifle!

Installing the Exos Defense Ti7 is a breeze. Their adjustment lever works in two directions. Press it up and it allows you to select the length of pull just like a traditional A2 buttstock. Pull the lever down and you get additional travel that allows you to slide the stock right on, or off, the buffer tube without any tools. That’s handy! Particularly for smaller shooters and the fairer sex that tend to run the stocks fully collapsed. Accessing the storage compartments on the front end of the stock just below the buffer tube is a whiz with the Exos Ti7. If you want, you can take a knee, pull the whole stock off, access the compartments for batteries or whatever you need, swap em out, and slip the stock right back on without tools.


Exos Defense Ti-7 Stock, Stock Support, and extra batteries

The stock also comes with a rubber pad for the shoulder pocket, it isn’t just molded plastic like some offerings. The Exos Defense Ti7 has QD attachment points on both sides of the stock by default. Some stocks you have to buy kits to add that feature, Exos Defense ships their stocks with QD right out of the box. I do prefer limited rotation QD points to the regular free spinning QD points, but I can hardly hold this against the Exos folks since most of their competition offers the same. I measured the weight with the Stock Support attached and the same set of extra batteries and compared it to the Magpul I was running before. The weights were within grams of each other. So this isn’t a boat anchor stock that is going to add a ton of weight to your rifle by any means.


Magpul Stock with the same extra batteries, comparable weights between the two ready to go

Exos Defense Goodies

When it came to some of the extras I like just about everything. I’ll confess I didn’t run the Exos Defense pistol grip very long, but not for any lack of quality. It’s a rubberized grip that’s very comfortable to hold and I think offers a bit better tacky surface than what you find on typical Mil-Spec grips. However, I’ve really come to prefer the steeper angle offered by some of the competition as it lets me keep the stock short and the rifle in tight without making me cock my wrist at an odd angle. Having said that, I like the tacky feel and think it would be especially helpful with sweaty/bloody hands so if you haven’t gotten away from the traditional A2 grip angle, give it a look!


Exos Defense trigger guard!

The trigger guard was a nice addition. Easy to install, and it adds some much needed real estate to the trigger area. If you shoot with gloves, you’ll appreciate the bit of extra real estate inside the trigger well so you can get your finger in there without making contact with the trigger in the process. Only when you’re ready to fire, of course! The next goodie was the Exos Gear accuracy stock support! This little goodie is designed to enhance the bag riding ability of the Exos Gear Ti-7 stock. It takes away some of the angled portion of the buttstock and replaces it with a more angular bag riding device with ridges on it!


Exos Gear Ti-7 and Accuracy Stock Support


Exos Defense Ti-7 stock with Stock Support installed

With the stock support installed, you have ridges on both the bottom of the support, and front. This allows you to drop the stock on top of a rear bag and have it grab. You can also run all or part of the bag in front of the stock and pull the bag back into the stock, and on back into your shoulder. Obviously, a rear bag is pretty essential to any kind of DMR/SPR or Precision Shooting work. You have to stabilize the rear of the rifle in order to wring the best accuracy possible out of the gun and the shooter system. This was what the Exos folks were going for! An enhancement to help guys shooting tighter than minute of badguy achieve those higher levels of precision!


Ti-7 stock and Stock Support dug into a rear bag with the rifle set up for DMR/SPR shooting

How Well Did It Shoot?

On to what everybody always wants to know. It shot well. Very well, to be honest. AR15s tend to be between 2-4 MOA weapon systems depending on their configuration. Getting better than 2 MOA out of a factory rifle and factory ammo in an AR15 platform can really be challenging. Obviously this one has been tuned up a bit. I slapped a Vortex PST 1-4x on it for some testing with this stock. I wanted to make sure I had some magnification beyond a red dot if I was going to be talking about the accuracy potential of the rifle and how it performed with a stock designed to enhance this kind of shooting. I went to the Cherry Creek State Park range where I could do some shooting at 100 yards from a bench.


I clamped my QD Atlas V8 on the front of the gun along with the Vortex 1-4x and the Exos Defense Ti7 and Stock Support

I was eager to see what kind of accuracy potential my work rifle was really capable of and it didn’t let me down. When configured for tighter than minute of badguy shooting the rifle shot very well. The stock was comfortable against my check and in my shoulder pocket and the adjustment lever is a breeze to use. In fact, the adjustment lever even enables removing the stock without tools, which can make accessing the storage compartments easier. Then when you get your spare batteries or whatever out, you can slide the stock right back onto the buffer tube.  This isn’t quite a factory rifle at this point, it’s got a Criterion 223 Wyle barrel on it and Geissele two stage trigger, in addition to the bipod, scope, and stock. How did it do?


The hole in the top left was from sight in, the five centered and a touch low were the 5 round group, shot with factory 55gr Federal

1.5 MOA out of an AR15 with factory ammo? I’ll take that any day of the week, and twice on Sunday! If not for the one round low and left, it might have even eeked out 1 MOA. There are some other issues that affect performance. Obviously this isn’t hand loaded ammo, and therefore I can’t say this is max potential accuracy for the rifle. Additionally, the Cherry Creek range isn’t the greatest when it comes to group shooting. It’s loud, and the bench shakes any time anybody fires a rifle regardless of the lane they’re on. Lastly, the optics were holding me back. 1-4x would be plenty for bad guys, hunting, even tactical shooting at 100 yards, but for real precision work…I’d like more. Preferably 8x or 10x on the top end to really ensure a fine point of aim. The point here is the rifle performed exceedingly well given the circumstances. The Exos Defense Ti7 stock rode the bag like a champ with the stock support on it and that definitely contributed to the outcome here.

Wrapping Up

I like Magpul products, I’m not shy about that. However, there are plenty of other companies that offer some really solid options. Exos Defense is one of them. Their products are made in the USA which is a giant bonus in an age where everything we buy keeps coming from overseas. I try to support American businesses whenever it’s possible to do so. The Exos Defense Ti7 buttstock is a solid offering for your AR15 platform. If you plan to set up the gun for SPR/DMR/Precision shooting, the Exos Stock Support is a worthy upgrade. It gives you a little bit easier time riding and interacting with a rear bag when you’re really trying to tighten up the accuracy of your AR. This would work on an AR10 platform as well, provided you were running an adjustable stock on it instead of a rifle buffer tube. I’m in the process of putting a DMR rifle together on an AR15 frame and I plan to use it for training and shooting out to 500-600yds. This stock will make a perfect addition to that build!

Thanks go to the Exos Defense guys for sending some stuff over for us to take a look at! You boys are on the right track for sure! If anybody has any questions about something I may have overlooked, drop them in the comments below and I’ll get it answered for you! Stay safe everybody!

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