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A month ago a company called Exos-Gear got a hold of us and asked if we’d be willing to give their Bravo Series bag a try. I love doing this kind of thing, especially because I love sharing my experiences, and in this case it’s positive. Exos-Gear sent me one of their Bravo Series in Olive Drab for testing, and I figured the best use for it immediately would be for use as a range bag. So let’s get through some of the preliminary stuff first.

A Brief Overview

The Exos-Gear Bravo Series comes made of 600D polyester and comes in 4 different colors. It has a capacity of 34 liters, a measurement established through ASTM F2153. Yes, there really is a standard test designed to measure the volume of a backpack. Anyways the backpack has a good number of MOLLE straps on it so you can add plenty of extra pouches, compartments, or other gear that attached using the MOLLE system. It includes a side and front load compression system, including a strap retention system which is a nice touch, as well as a waist strap system which I thought could use a few small changes. They include a zippered hydration compartment with a tube port, as well as ventilated contact zones on the bag which was a good move as far as I am concerned. There is a total of five compartments, including the hydration compartment, which are neatly organized and feature some organizational improvements to help keep everything neat and organized.

Exos Gear right-back

Exos-Gear Bravo Series As a Range Bag

I have to say I was extremely pleased with the bag as a range bag. One of the first things I did was look the bag, and I have to say that the stitching is neat and reinforced in areas where it will see the most stress. Long range shooting is my passion, but I’m happy doing all kinds of shooting. I resolved to try this bag over the course of 3 range sessions in different situations. Long range shooting, pistol shooting, and shotgun. I found that the small compartments were excellent for holding small tools that normally bounced around the bottom of my range bag. The net organizer in the main compartment was great for holding my Kestrel, but it could also go in the secondary compartment as well. Admittedly the very first day I used the bag was for long-range shooting.

Bag filled with my gear

Bag filled with my gear

Large single pistol case, plus ammo, plus various gear such as targets and stapler and so on.

Large single pistol case, plus ammo, plus various gear such as targets and stapler and so on.

As you can see from the picture, I was able to fit my ammunition, my spent brass bag, my rifle bag, my hearing protection, my  Kestrel, and my staples for my stapler. Not pictured was the paper targets I was using, the stapler, and some additional gear you’ll find out about in another article later on. There was still plenty of room for me to put more stuff in there. It ended up being a nicely compact bag for me to use.

I really liked having the MOLLE straps everywhere, because it made attaching other gear to the bag an easy job. For the range session where I brought out my chronograph in addition to my usual equipment I found it was really easy to attach my chrono’s case to the bag to cut down on trips. I’m also a cold weather kind of person, so when it starts getting warmer having something that breathes around my back and doesn’t end up making my back all sweaty is really nice.

Final Thoughts

I took my time on this one for several reasons. I wanted to get some real world testing with it so I used it not just as a range bag, but as my every day bag, my school bag, and even as a preliminary hunting bag. I’m happy with how the Exos-Gear Bravo performed in every situation I put it in. Overall it didn’t feel as bulky for its size as some of the competitors that I looked at, but in a lot of ways it was also more spartan. I’ll be honest, the price point is great at $37.95. The one thing I would want to change about it is longer waist straps, that are also sewed at one end so they don’t come loose. It was something of a surprise to adjust it for me only to find the strap flapping around in my hands. This bag is definitely one I’m going to keep and use for years to come. Since I’m laying the ground work for my first deer season this year, I’m thinking this will end up being a great bag for all the stuff I’ll need while hunting. This bag has handled everything that I’ve thrown at it so far, so I’ve got pretty high expectations for when I take it out for that. In short: I like it a lot and will use it for years to come.

Don is a Minnesota college student working his way through school as a firearms coatings specialist. An avid shooter with a love for just about all things gun related, gladly sharing his somewhat unique experiences with anyone who will listen. If you have any questions for me, email us!

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