finding ammo and components

Finding Ammo and Components

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The inspiration for this post came from a comment regarding locating match grade ammunition. While I don’t typically have trouble finding ammo and components, there are plenty that do. There are some tricks to finding ammo and components that enhance your rate of success and we’ll talk about those as we go. We’re going to break this into essentially two segments, finding ammo, and finding components for those that load their own. I can tell you from the word go, it’s not something you can really “buy as you need it” and hope to have any measure of success. Ammunition is hard to find, at least match grade ammunition, thanks to the anti-gun policies of our country’s leadership. Components are even harder because folks tend to hoard the good stuff. So how do you do it? Let’s find out!

Finding Ammo

Personally, I’m a really big fan of websites that function as aggregators for stock at a multitude of other websites. Think of it like searching for a good price on airline tickets. How do you usually have more success? By checking prices with each individual airline? Or using an aggregator site like Expedia or Travelocity? The same principle applies here. While I do have some sites that I’ll check when searching for stuff, I tend to try the aggregator sites first. In the case of locating match grade ammunition I have to recommend you try AmmoSeek!

As an example, I plugged in search terms for locating Rifle ammunition, in 6.5 Creedmoor, with 140gr bullet weight and this was the result! As you can see it will list websites that fit the criteria and show ammunition you are after in stock! It even displays the elapsed time since the information was updated. I believe this to be your best and most efficient bet for finding match grade ammunition. However, I’m going to give you some advice that applies to both ammunition, and components. You have to be ready to pounce. If you want quality ammo or components, have the money ready, and when you find it…buy a case, not a box. The prices tend to dip lower with bulk orders and while you may hit the jackpot and find what you’re after, it’s not likely to still be there in a couple weeks when you run out of the three boxes you bought!

finding ammo and components

AmmoSeek is great for locating match ammunition online!

Finding Components

When searching for components I do the same thing. Use an aggregator site. For components I typically use Gunbot! You can sort the results by brand, and you can search individually for things like powder or primers. It will list a variety of sites and whether they have the product in stock or not. I did the same search for 6.5 Creedmoor ammo and this was the result. The nice thing about Gunbot is that you can search for ammunition just like with AmmoSeek. So it’s yet another aggregator you can try when trying to hunt down some match ammo to feed your rifle.

Another time saving trick is to bookmark the results pages after you’ve done the searches. Where I’ve linked them here, you can bookmark the same addresses and then you don’t actually have to specify your search terms every time you visit the site. Specify what you’re looking for, and bookmark the results page. The next time you visit the site it should show you the updated information with the same search criteria. Time savings are always to be taken advantage of!

finding ammo and components2

Gunbot allows you to search for both ammunition, as well as individual components!

Old School Finding Ammo and Components

Then there’s the old school way of finding ammo and components. Again, I highly recommend using bookmarks as a time saver. Find some websites that typically deal in the ammunition you use, find the individual listings for the ammo or the components you seek, and then bookmark those pages. If you haven’t tried Google’s Chrome browser I highly recommend it. Chrome will sync your bookmarks between devices. So if you bookmark a bunch of pages from different websites that sell ammunition and put them all in a folder called “Ammo” when you use the Chrome browser on your phone it will have those same bookmarks from your home computer. I mention that because you may actually have to jump on your phone and order stuff if it’s hard to come by. Hodgdon H4350 for example may as well be a container of Unicorn Tears. You have to watch sites that deal it, and when it pops up, buy it immediately before it’s gone!

finding ammo and components3

Use product arrival notifications whenever possible! You’ll get an email when the product is in stock! Be ready to jump on it with your smartphone!

Here are some websites that I’ll check the old school way if I’m having trouble finding ammo and components:

Wrapping Up

The trick to this is to buy it before you need it! If you’re low on ammo or powder, or whatever, set some money aside and start looking for it. I try to buy powder in 8lb jugs and I like to have two of them on hand. When I open the last 8lb jug it’s time to start looking for more again so I don’t run down to zero. Use those aggregator sites, they’re a huge time saver. Bookmark your results to save more time! Buy in quantity guys, especially components like powder and primers since you’re going to get hit with around a $30 Hazmat fee anyway. Don’t buy two pounds of powder for 60 bucks and pay 30 for Hazmat. Buy several bricks of primers and save on the shipping by avoiding small quantities. Combine the orders if you can, buy powder and primers on the same order, pay the Hazmat fee once! If you have any tricks of your own for finding ammo and components, or sites you’ve had good luck with, drop them in the comments below! You might help somebody out!

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