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Friends and Family and Precision Shooting

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This week’s topic of conversation is going to be How to Bring Friends and Family Precision Shooting! Basically, if you’ve ever thought about taking some friends and family shooting, this is your article. Precision shooting can be intimidating at times. You might have friends and family that express interest but you’re unsure about how to get them started. We’re going to talk about how to do it and make sure everybody has a good time when you bring friends and family precision shooting.

Starting Friends and Family Precision Shooting

The first thing you need is a range or other place to shoot, duh! I suggest whatever spot you are already familiar with. The idea here is to bring friends and family precision shooting so they enjoy themselves. So pick a spot you are familiar with and know how the wind conditions operate. You don’t want to be competing with the wind, or sorting out issues with your equipment. This is a feel good shooting session!

1000 Yard Line Image

Along the same lines you want to ensure success when bringing friends and family precision shooting. So don’t bring a new rifle or something that recoils heavily. I’d suggest using a 6.5mm caliber. You want something with excellent ballistics and light recoil. If you have a suppressor, bring it along and utilize it. People tend to be both recoil and noise sensitive. Anything you can do to minimize recoil and noise will make the new shooter more comfortable. By extension, they will have a better time.

Targets for Friends and Family Precision Shooting

This part is easy. When taking friends and family precision shooting, use big targets. If you have full size IPSC plates this is a great use for them. If you have squares, rounds, or diamonds, then try to set them up at distances where they represent a 2 MOA size. In other words shoot a 4” square at 200yds and a 10” round at 500yds. The idea here is for friends and family precision shooting to be a good time for everybody. We aren’t holding uncle Jack and cousin Eddy to the same standards we see at a match. If you’re working with a 100yd range, use 2″ or 3″ targets so they feel good about their shooting.

view from the side

Don’t discount using a 100yd range for somebody’s first outing, you can use some fun targets and have a good time!

Try to figure out what the wind is doing while you shoot a few rounds to demonstrate. This way when it’s time to let friends and family try you already know what is going on down range. Then it’s as simple as explaining how to hold off and giving them the wind call. Remember this important point; every shooter is a little different. We all address the rifle a bit differently and press the trigger differently. If you got a hit holding off a half MIL left and they miss, you may have to modify the wind call for them. That’s the next important part, observe their shots, make the corrections for them and get them on target. It builds confidence!

Keep it Simple

I’ve had people that say they want to try all kinds of stuff before. Here’s what I can tell you, keep it simple! I would bring one or two rifles at the absolute max. If you bring too many different toys they become distractions rather than additions to the experience. Bring two rifles maximum that are reliable. This way you can potentially have two people shooting and spotting for each other.

Getting the rundown on the ALIAS STAR rifle

You also have a backup rifle in case one goes down or has some sort of issue that needs to be diagnosed later. Remember the charge you got out of hitting targets at 600 or 800 yards the first time and try to facilitate that experience for your friends and family. Set them up. Cheat your ass off. Make it easy on them so they enjoy themselves and get that same punch you did the first time you had a successful range trip. Later on if they get really into it you can start showing them the ways of the force. For the first few trips out, just make it fun!

Wrapping Up

We’ve had a week or two this past month without an article. This is a small operation and we’ve been moving the family into a new house. As we get settled things should be back up and running from here on out. I thought the taking Friends and Family Precision Shooting might make a good article this week. The topic has come up a bit as we’ve been making our move with friends and family of ours asking about maybe coming out for a shoot. So I got to thinking what would make a good first shooting experience for people that haven’t done it before. Big targets, reliable weapons, and familiar range settings make for easy shots. That’s the take home idea here. Make it fun and make it easy for friends and family the first few times they come out and they’ll soon be bitten by the bug!

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