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If there’s ever one truthful thing to say about a career in Law Enforcement, it has to be that this is an ever evolving profession, both on a conceptual level and a personal one. I found myself with a different duty assignment several years into my career and found myself transitioning out of patrol and into a more specialized position. I found it was a change I needed quite a bit and afterwards I wished it would have happened sooner. In the new position I found a new need to carry some of my gear, namely my customized AR15 patrol rifle, in a more compact and discreet manner. I no longer needed it ready to go at a moment’s notice, but still wanted to have it nearby in case ‘the big one’ were to happen during my shift. Enter the Galati Gear Discreet Case.

Galati Discreet - Front View

Galati Discreet – Front View


I looked at a variety of bags and for a while I just carried my 5.11 Tactical bag to and from my personal car to my new assignment. The 5.11 bag is a bit bulky though and it did not fit well into the less than spacious locker I had assigned to me. So I started looking at discreet carry cases so if I were to change out at work and transport the rifle in or out of work in plain clothes, I wouldn’t get a bunch of looks from the high volume of civilian traffic into and out of the facility. I tried a couple bags, as I said, and I wound up giving Galati Gear’s Discreet Case a try. Initially I had a zipper issue, it had separated from one of the tracks, and I had to send it back for replacement. I would be remiss not to mention a less than pleasant conversation with their returns department about this. Looking the bag over, it is nicely crafted. It uses high quality YKK zippers and thick padding for the weapon. It has two carry handles with a velcro sleeve that will connect both handles and hold them in unison when desired. It also comes with a thick carry strap, with a foam pad, attached to the rear of the case.

Galati Discreet Case - Rear View

Galati Discreet Case – Rear View


I can say, having used this case quite a bit now, that it works quite well, and it is comfortable to carry either with the carry handles, or with the strap over a shoulder or across your chest. Included with the case is a velcro magazine attachment that will hold three 30 Round AR15 magazines. Other accessories can also be added to the velcro backing of the outermost compartment. It works well, the magazines are not very heavy, and the velcro holds the load securely. I will typically throw a fourth magazine in beside the triple pouch, a bipod on the other side, and a sling beneath it. All items fit in the outer compartment with ease and it holds the load securely.

Outer compartment with mag holders, bipod, sling, and spare 4th mag

Outer compartment with mag holders, bipod, sling, and spare 4th mag

The main compartment is designed to house items 38 inches in length or shorter. It will easily house an AR15 if the upper and lower receiver are separated. This was my intent all along and again I point out, my job no longer has me in scenarios where I need immediate access to a ready to go rifle. If I’m able to retrieve it, I will, if not that I will have to make due, but at least I will have the option, and unfortunately I will have to retrieve it no matter what. I can’t keep it with me so I have to stow it when not using it. The size of the Galati case really helps with this. With the weapon broken down into two pieces they easily fit within the case and the case even fits in my locker with the rest of my gear. The case comes with two velcro straps to hold items in the main compartment. I added another two of my own to help keep things strapped down tightly. The padding is thick and generous, which is nice, because the case gets bumped around a bit now and then and I don’t like to smack up my stuff.

Main compartment, with a full size, non telescoping stock, AR15 within

Main compartment, with a full size, non telescoping stock, AR15 within

Same gun that was just in the case!

Same gun that was just in the case!


Other than my initial zipper issue I’ve not had a problem with the case since. I’ve not gone easy on the zippers, pulling them closed harshly when I’m in a rush, without incident. I do believe my experience was a one off encounter with a faulty zipper and I don’t blame the company for that. The nylon has held up well and is not wearing out on the corners or bottom of the case. The stitching on the case all around has held up without incident. At the end of the day this has proven itself to be quite a worthy case for the task.


The Galati Gear Discreet Case is fairly priced. The price point puts it in the same tier of bags as you would find 5.11 and some other popular brands. This isn’t a purchase I regret so I have to say the price is pretty appropriate. Whether or not you want to spend the money will depend on your rifle and how you plan to carry it.

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