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This review is long overdue, the Giraud Case Trimmer! This is the Rolls Royce of case trimmers. It is the case trimmers most other case trimmers hope to be when they grow up. It’s made right here in the USA. “What makes it so special,” you might ask? It does three things at the same time. It trims the cases to length. The trimmer adds a 15 degree chamfer to the inside of the neck for seating bullets. The Giraud also adds a 45 degree chamfer to the outside of the case rim for easy chambering. Traditionally, all three of those steps are separate operations. Which make for a longer overall processing time a the reloading bench. The Giraud Case Trimmer does all three steps in one pass, and it does a really nice job!

Giraud Case Trimmer

I got one of these bad boys a few years ago as a present from Santa. It’s saved me an untold number of hours and effort at the reloading bench. When you’re processing hundreds of pieces of brass any time savings you can manage are a godsend. I like to spend as much time shooting as possible. So any time I can save on my reloading bench gets me to the range sooner and more often. I loved the Giraud Case Trimmer from the first time I tried it. It has a simple design that works very well.

Giraud Case Trimmer Cases

Trimmed and chamfered on the left, untrimmed or processed on the right

There’s a spring loaded case holder that threads into the top (or front depending on how you orient the trimmer) like a reloading die. That’s how you set the trim length. The blade has two cutting surfaces that add the inner and outer chamfers at the same time. The blade is attached to a cutting head. You can rotate the blade if one surface dulls (mine have yet to do so) and use one of the other two. One blade should last a long time. The cutting head spins and is driven by a motor and belt. Fairly simple setup and highly effective.

Giraud Case Trimmer Setup

Setting the Giraud Case Trimmer up is as simple as taking a few cases and adjusting the trim depth. I like the Hornady lock rings to preserve the trim length once I have it set. Not all dies are the same and that’s why the Girauds are awesome folks. When I set up my 6×47 Lapua dies I found that the dies were sticking a bit in the case holder. I called up the Girauds and was asked to send the case holder and three sized cases from my dies. A few days later the three cases and the case holder came back. They measured my sized cases and opened up the case holder just enough for everything to work properly.

Giraud Case Trimmer cutter

Here you can see the cutter and the case holder above, by sliding the chip guard down you can clean out the pieces and swap calibers

What calibers are even available you might ask? Too many to mention but the list can be found here. The comparison with reloading dies and a press doesn’t end at how the case holders are installed. The cutting heads are also interchangeable. This allows you to purchase a case holder and a cutting head for each caliber you have in the stable. This allows for a much simpler caliber changeover. If you have the case holder and cutting head for 308 Winchester installed but want to trim some 6.5 Creedmoor, the process is simple. You swap the case holder and cutter head and go!

Giraud Case Trimmer caliber parts

Case holder and cutter head for 338LM!

Costs and Benefits

This is not a cheap piece of gear. Like so many things in the precision shooting world you have to weigh the costs and benefits. The Giraud Case Trimmer will run you $460 USD for the complete trimmer set up for a single caliber. Additional case holders are $35 and cutter heads are $45. This means a complete caliber change will run you around $80 if you purchase everything you need to do a dedicated setup. You can use the same cutter head for multiple calibers. That would require adjusting it after each caliber change, though. That’s not the way to go with this, believe me.

Much better to have dedicated calibers set up so all you need to do is swap them out. You save yourself immense amounts of time combining multiple operations into a single step. All you have to do with the Giraud Case Trimmer is drop the case into the holder. You push it down against the spring to expose the neck to the cutter head. Give it a simple twist or two to rotate the case around for even exposure to the cutter head. In the time it takes for that simple drop and twist you trim it and chamfer the inside and outside of the neck. Only an avid reloader will understand the time savings that represents!

Wrapping Up

There’s only so much I can say about this piece of machinery. The Giraud Case Trimmer is an awesome tool for your reloading bench. It’s not a complicated gizmo nor does it do anything super special. What it does do is multiple operations in one pass. I can’t overstate the significance of that simple concept. Any time you can do multiple jobs at the same time on the reloading bench, don’t pass on the opportunity. Less time loading and more time shooting is my philosophy. It’s definitely an investment and it isn’t a cheap piece of hardware. Then again, neither was the Forster Co-Ax or the Chargemaster 1500s sitting in the same room. The Chargemaster is another example of the same concept. Dispense, weigh, and trickle in the same operation. So if you’re looking to upgrade your trimming hardware, look no further!

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  1. Rich, I recently purchased this trimmer, I am trying to set it up for 30 BR.It seems to be an awsome machine but I can’t quite get it to be repeatable. I am using Lapua Brass I finally got it to 1.5000 and the did a few cases then the next day it was off. Any suggestions? I tried to make the reference mark as recommended but find it very difficult to get it exact. I love the machine but am frustrated setting it up. Anything you can tell me would be so appreciated.

    1. Author

      Are you using a lock ring on the case holder, Jim? That’s a biggie, if you’re still getting inconsistent trims it’s probably the case holder.

      I had this happen with the holder for my 6×47, the case was sticking a bit and I was getting inconsistent trim lengths. Just let the Girauds know. They’ll have you send the case holder back along with three sized cases of yours and they will bore it out slightly so your cases drop all the way in.

      Make sense?


      1. Thank you Rick When you say locking sre you talking about the ring they sent or one with a set screw? If so I have not tried that. If that does not work I will contact them. .

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