Holiday Gift Ideas for Precision Shooters 2016

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These articles are getting to be a bit of a tradition during the Christmas Holiday season so get ready for Holiday Gift Ideas for Precision Shooters 2016! We try to throw a mix of different items in here. Anything from a stock to a rangefinder to reloading equipment. The goal is to provide some gift ideas for the precision rifle shooter in your family. We try to spread the ideas across a wide range of items and especially price ranges. Not everybody has thousands of dollars to drop on a scope so we try to provide multiple suggestions across the spending spectrum. This is all stuff I think just about any precision shooter would welcome to take up some space under the tree. So with all that in mind, let’s get started!

#1 – Master Piece Arms Chassis

Here’s the first item on our 2016 list of Holiday Gift Ideas for Precision Shooters! Master Piece Arms has been cranking these out lately and they’re a big hit with the competitive crowd. A fully adjustable cheek and butt plate allow the shooter to fit the stock to the shooter. There is space for adding rails along the front end and there’s is a barricade stop that can be moved up and down the bottom of the handguard. It isn’t the most expensive option for a rifle stock but it isn’t the cheapest either. If your budget is a tad more strapped try the Magpul Hunter 700 instead!

#2 – Magnetospeed V3 Barrel Mounted Chronograph

Magnetospeed makes one of the best chronographs available right now. It’s easy to set up, it’s reliable, and it doesn’t require a cold range to set it up. You can walk into any shooting range, strap this bad boy to your barrel, and get to work chronographing your ammunition. This is the super duper version, and it’s what I would recommend as it is most versatile. There is a more affordable option, the sporter, which won’t work with as wide a range of barrels and suppressors but if you’re shopping for a family member that hunts or isn’t a super competitive LR shooter, then the Magnetospeed Sporter may be the ticket!

#3 – Rock Chucker Supreme Select Reloading Kit

I typically put this reloading kit on the list every year. It’s a consistently good suggestion for our list of Holiday Gift Ideas for Precision Shooters. RCBS makes good reloading components and this is a revised version of their original Supreme Kit. It now comes with a digital scale and some other goodies the original didn’t include. It’s a little more expensive but it’s also a little better put together. It’s a good mix of components for the family member looking to dive into hand loading their own ammunition! I won’t claim that it saves you money to load your own, but you will shoot more often as a result. Your rifle will also be able to realize it’s full potential using ammunition hand crafted for that specific gun!

#4 – MSA Sordin Supreme Hearing Protection

If the shooter in your family doesn’t have a set of premium hearing protection, look no further than the MSA Sordins! I’ve been using a set of these for a few years now and they’re excellent. Very comfortable with electronic noise reduction that allows you to hear a conversation as if you weren’t wearing them at all. Should gunfire begin in your vicinity, it automatically shuts the speakers off and blocks the noise to save your hearing. You only get one set of ears and damage to your hearing is both cumulative and permanent. Help protect your loved one’s hearing! If you need a more affordable option, have a look at the Howard Leights!¬†An excellent addition to any shooters kit and why it’s on our list of holiday gift ideas for precision shooters!

#5 – B&T Industries Atlas Bipod

In the precision shooting sports you typically see one of two bipods on a shooter’s rifle, a Harris, or an Atlas! Personally I think the Atlas is a better system, has more features, and weighs less. It may cost more but so does everything else in this sport. If you want to play, you have to pay, unfortunately! Having said that I’ve never had any issue with any Atlas bipod on any of my rifles. They work in all conditions and are as reliable as you could possibly ask for. I especially like how easily you can tell you’ve properly loaded the Atlas as you can actually feel when you’ve loaded it and removed the tiny bit of slack present in the bipod. Sorry, there isn’t really a more affordable version of this bad boy. If you really want a Harris though

#6 – Vortex Optics Viper PST 4-16x FFP Rifle Scope

I have one of these on my trusty .308 Winchester! It has a lot of features for the money. It’s also backed by the gold standard of warranties in the scope market. Vortex has customer service and warranty services unrivaled by any other. The 4-16x magnification range is more than enough for most shooting scenarios. The reticle and turrets are both MIL based and the reticle is illuminated for low light shooting. This is also a first focal plane scope meaning the reticle subtensions are valid across the entire magnification range!

#7 – Triggertech Trigger for Remington 700 and Clones

The TriggerTech trigger is an externally adjustable trigger for the Remington 700 and Remington pattern actions. I have one of these on my .308 as well and I can tell you it’s an outstanding trigger for the money. That’s one of many reasons it made our list of Holiday Gift Ideas for Precision Shooters this year. It adjusts down to around 1.5-2.0lbs which may be a bit high for some benchrest type shooters but a 2lb pull is about perfect for the tactical shooters among us. The trigger uses a unique rolling friction assembly that has zero creep. You put the pad of your finger on the trigger and apply pressure. The trigger doesn’t move until it breaks and there is very little rearward movement.

#8 – RCBS Chargemaster Combo Powder Scale and Dispenser

Every person who loads their own ammunition needs one of these bad boys! They’re currently on sale but the best part is that RCBS is offering a $75 rebate for purchases of $300 or more if purchased before years end and received by January 31st 2017. So grab this guy up and send the rebate in and your take home price is only $225 which is excellent! You drop the powder in the hopper, punch in the amount of powder you want, and the scale will automatically dispense and weigh the charge for you! These are a huge time saver over a traditional beam scale and trickler. If you want to tune it up, we’ve got an article for that too! Guaranteed to be a hit holiday gift idea for precision shooters!

#9 – ESS Rollbar Sunglasses

I know, I know…another safety item! You only get one set of eyes so protect them with some decent eyewear! These actually look pretty cool and don’t make you look all super high speed tactical nerd at the range! They’re designed with shooting in mind so there are impact standards these meet that regular sunglasses do not. Any protection is better than none but if you plan to hit the range, try to wear some sunglasses that are actually meant to help protect your eyes and face if something bad happens. Everybody that’s ever wound up in the hospital used to say, “It never happened to me,” right up until the ambulance ride. Be careful out there!

#10 – Competition Electronics Pocket Pro II Shot Timer

Pistol shooters have been using shot timers for years! You’re seeing them more in the precision rifle world as competition stages get more complex. Having one of your own is a great way to run some drills even if you happen to be shooting alone. For example you could use a simple folding ladder to engage four different targets from four different levels on the ladder in 60 seconds. See how you do and then see if you can improve. Shot timers help teach the shooter how to move with an economy of motion. This way when you’re on the clock you aren’t wasting time with inefficient movement. It also adds some stress which will help with the jitters before a stage in an actual match!

Holiday Gift Ideas For Precision Shooters

There you have my gift picks for the 2016 list of holiday gift ideas for precision shooters! However, I’d like to hear alternate suggestions in the comments below so if you have some, post them up! This way if you have something that’s not covered on the list or maybe something you received last year this entire page becomes a list of suggestions for shooters and their families! Remember the real spirit of the Christmas season and be thankful for all that you have. Hug your loved ones close and spend time with your families eating delicious unhealthy food. Then go out and ring some steel!

Owner and Proprietor of AccuracyTech, LLC. Rich is a Firearms Enthusiast, Precision Rifle Competitor, and Writer. He is committed to bringing readers quality reviews and articles related to the Precision Shooting Sports. If you have any questions for him, please use the contact form on the site.

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