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If you haven’t heard of IDENT Marking Services, they’re a Texas based company that does laser engraving. Specifically, they can laser engrave your receiver if you plan to file a Form 1 and make yourself a short barrelled rifle (SBR). While this is usually talked about in the context of the AR15, and that’s actually what I had engraved, it can be applicable to the precision shooting crowd as well. Think about the potential for a handy, short rifle, chambered in 300BLK for hunting at shorter ranges. You could do it on an auto loader platform like an AR15 or on a bolt action like a Remington Model 7 or Model 700 receiver. With an 8-10″ barrel you would still be getting the most out of the cartridge, while having an exceptionally small package to use for closer range precision work!

National Firearms Act

Rifles with barrels shorter than 16″ that are also equipped with a stock and fired from the shoulder fall under the National Firearms Act (NFA). That means that it becomes a controlled item like a suppressor and there are some legal hoops to jump through in order to own one legally. For starters, make sure you’re in a state where NFA items like a short barrelled rifle (SBR) are legal. Sorry Cali and NJ people! For the rest of the free world though, it’s not all that different from purchasing a suppressor. Though there are some differences. For starters, you’ll likely already have purchased the rifle you want to convert to a SBR. Say you’ve got a Remington action laying around ready for a rebarrel and the shorty 300BLK rifle sounds appealing to you.

The first step is to have the receiver engraved with the name of the manufacturer, or legal entity (LLC, Trust, Etc.) that will be creating it. The city and state are also requirements for engraving upon the receiver. Once that’s done, it’s the same $200 you would pay for a suppressor, and around the same wait time for the Form 1 to clear and authorize you to possess a SBR. Stuff gets lost in the mail all the time guys, so if you are planning to do something like this, or you have an AR15 you want to SBR, get the receiver engraved first. That way you haven’t spent money and time getting the receiver approved only to have it lost in the mail or an error made in the engraving process.

IDENT Marking Services

The folks at IDENT Marking Services come pretty well recommended in this area. They’re regarded to have good customer service and they make things right if there’s ever an error on their end. I can attest to the quality of their customer service. For this project, I happen to be making a SBR in 300BLK to use for carbine classes and training related to my job in Law Enforcement. Don’t worry, I’m not getting away from Precision Shooting, but I am having a lot of fun experimenting with and shooting the 300BLK caliber. Part of what I like to do here is give my readers feedback on services that I’ve used and had good experience with. Since something like engraving a firearm can be tricky, that’s where IDENT Marking Services came in.

With regard to customer service, they’re excellent. I paid a bit extra to expedite the service because I wanted to file my Form 1 before the rule changes coming up in July regarding Trusts and how they’re allowed to function with regard to NFA items. I spoke with the folks at IDENT Marking Services about this. They said if I wanted to pay the fee for expediting the job they could essentially grab it upon arrival and walk it through the process from there. 1-2 Days was the quoted “expedited” time. So I boxed up my AR15 lower and shipped it off to them along with instructions for what I wanted engraved and how I wanted them to ship it back. I dropped the lower off at the UPS distribution center and paid for 3 day shipping, this was on a Tuesday. I wanted to get the lower there before the weekend.

IDENT Marking Services2

“Colorado, USA” seen on the magwell lip…pretty snazzy

I got a call Thursday, two days later from a nice lady at IDENT. She said the lower had arrived and would be finished by the end of the day and return shipped on Friday. She went on to say that despite my desire to pay for 3 day shipping, ground shipping between Texas and Colorado was generally two days and I could expect to see the lower on Monday. She said the only way to get it back faster would be overnight shipping and Saturday delivery. She went on to say that she had made sure the project would be completed on Thursday because she would not be in the office on Friday and wanted to make sure that it was A – Done, and B – Shipped back Friday morning!

How’s It Look?

Here are some photos of the engraving. I opted to have the magazine well lip engraved as it meets the ATF requirements, but at the same time doesn’t scream “SBR Lower” to anybody that might casually have a look at it. Besides, working in LE has made me a bit paranoid about my personal information and security. So anything low key and discreet is right up my alley. I said I shipped it out on a Tuesday? I had it back in less than a week. The engraving looks great and I honestly couldn’t have asked for more professional, or better service, in any way. When I get around to building up a Model 7 bolt action with a short barrel for shorter range precision work, I’ll be sending my receiver to these guys.

IDENT Marking Services3

Blacked out the name of the trust but left the word “TRUST” where you could see it, you can also see where they left some machine marks inside the “blemished” lower, functions fine and it was a steal!

Wrapping Up

Don’t let the whole NFA/SBR thing limit your imagination. They don’t just do engraving of text. If you want a custom logo, family crest, or whatever your heart desires engraved on a firearm they can do it! Just give the guys at IDENT Marking Services a call and tell them what you’re after. They’re very friendly folks and they do good work! If you need a project expedited for an Anniversary, Birthday, or whatever they will work with you. Just be clear about what you’re trying to accomplish and they’ll get you taken care of! In the meantime, you still have until July 13th to get any NFA paperwork submitted for a suppressor or SBR before the rule change! Paperwork submitted prior to the change is handled under the current set of rules. Starting on July 13th, the transfers follow the new rules so get moving!

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  1. Can a designated SBR receiver, such as an AR or bolt action, be used legally with barrels longer than 16″?

    1. Author

      I don’t see how you would do it with a bolt action since swapping barrels is a bit more complicated with those, however the answer is yes.

      A SBR is defined by the configuration, so a SBR lower with a 16″ upper receiver on it is not an SBR. Do be aware, I’m not a Lawyer and if you want concrete answers people contact the ATF with questions all the time.

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