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A while back we did an article on the age old debate: Harris Bipod vs Atlas Bipod! As something of an unattended consequence we were contacted by Mr. Tony Kahn of Kahntrol Solutions. Mr. Kahn, on behalf of his developer, Jeremy Kahn, asked a simple question: If folks like the quick deployment legs and price of the Harris Bipod, but prefer the multiple leg and feet options offered by the Atlas bipod, why not have the best of both worlds? We all like having our cake and eating it too, but I wasn’t sure what he was referring to. Fast forward after some time on his website and some very polite emails back and forth. Mr. Kahn asked us to take a look at an awesome product his brother is producing, the Kahntrol Solutions Podmod Adapters! This is a product his brother, Jeremy, had been working on getting rolled out and given what a great idea it is, we couldn’t resist the chance!

What’s a Podmod?

Kahntrol Solutions Podmods are what Jeremy Kahn calls his bipod adapter. It’s a great idea, I’m surprised we hadn’t seen it before! Mr. Kahn came up with a machined aluminum adapter that takes the place of the rubber feet on the Harris Bipod. The adapter works with, and enables the use of, all the aftermarket bipod options that previously were only available to owners of an Atlas Bipod. What kind of options? Let me count them off, how does the ability to: Add leg extensions, swap between rubber/cleat/ski/spike feet sound? I think it’s a great idea, but how did it actually turn out in practice? Read on!


Kahntrol Solutions Podmod adapters for the Harris Bipod!

Installation of the Kahntrol Solutions Podmods was fairly straightforward once I figured out the best way to go about it. I didn’t receive instructions with the Podmods but the installation is pretty simple to begin with. My hangup was not committing to the Kahntrol Solutions Podmods from the word go. They’re described as a semi permanent addition to the Harris. When I first tried to install them, I was attempting to preserve the original Harris rubber feet. I’m sure you can get the Harris feet off and hold on to them if you have the time and patience. Me? I lost patience. Frankly, the whole installation goes a lot quicker and smoother if you just cut the Harris feet in half and rip them off. This exposes the roll pins that hold the Harris feet on and makes them easier to tap through and out. If you leave the Harris feet on the bipod, the rubber tends to absorb some of the force from the punch as you try to knock those pins out, it’s slow going believe me.


This is the roll pin, which comes pre-started, that you tap in after sliding the Podmod adapter onto the Harris legs

The Kahntrol Solutions Podmods install in exactly the same way as the Harris feet. They slip over the ends of the Harris legs, I have the notched leg version of the Harris, and the Podmods have their roll pins pre-started. All you need to do is align the holes and tap the pins in to secure the Kahntrol Solutions Podmod on the Harris legs. If you have a non-notched leg version, there is a spot just above the roll pin for two small set screws you can use to aid in securing the adapter to the legs of the Harris! Either version will work with the Podmods!


Set screw location, for installation on non notched leg Harris models

Kahntrol Solutions Podmods in Action

Just get to it, right? How do they work?! Really freakin’ well, actually! I wasn’t really expecting the Kahntrol Solutions Podmod adapter to change my life with regard to the Harris, but it kinda did! The first time I shouldered a rifle with the Atlas rubber feet installed on the Harris I noticed something immediately, a little flex?! The Harris bipod tends to be a ‘slackless’ bipod system. It’s one of the reasons I’m not a huge fan of them in their out of the box configuration. I like a little slack in my bipod, I like a tactile reference to work with when loading a bipod. I think it’s advantageous when you can feel a little change between an unloaded and loaded bipod. Even subconsciously a little difference in feel aids in the repeatability of building a proper position behind the rifle.


I could feel and see some flex in the Harris after installing the adapters and Atlas feet, a real improvement!

Well, most of the time with the Harris I never get any feedback in that manner. If you give it too much shoulder you wind up pushing the rifle forward. Not enough and you have an improperly loaded bipod. The Atlas rubber compound is a bit softer and stickier than the Harris version. So when I installed the Atlas feet on the Harris bipod I was somewhat surprised when I shouldered the rifle and loaded the bipod. I could actually feel a little flex in the Harris and could even see it. I attribute this to the superior Atlas feet grabbing whatever they happen to be sitting on better and providing the shooter with better feedback as to when the bipod is loaded. That’s a huge improvement over the stock Harris configuration, if you ask me. Kahntrol Solutions Podmod adapters are what made that feedback possible.


No measurable effect on the height adjustment, all notches were usable after installation

With the Kahntrol Solutions Podmods installed, swapping feet, or adding additional height to the bipod, is as easy as depressing a small detent and pulling the feet off before slapping whatever accessory you desire back into the bottom of the leg. We’ve demonstrated that in the video below. The nice thing is this really gives you some options for different feet with your Harris. It’s pretty sweet when you can show up at the range or at a match with the regular rubber feet installed and you can adapt the bipod to the conditions. Did it start raining and soften up the ground? Pop the rubber feet off and slap some Atlas spikes on instead! Tall grass? Use the Atlas leg extensions! I like options and the Kahntrol Solutions Podmods open the door to several for Harris bipod users!

Podmod Review Video!


Wrapping Up

The Kahntrol Solutions Podmod adapters are priced under $30 dollars. That’s freakin’ outstanding! You then have the option of buying only the feet which you most desire from the Atlas lineup. You can also purchase their leg extensions if you hunt in tall grass or need the extra elevation. The Atlas rubber feet run right at $20 which means for $50 bucks you can do a pretty nice upgrade on your Harris bipod. I really like the options that the Kahntrol Solutions Podmod adapters open up by bridging the gap between the Harris and Atlas systems. I had planned to sell off my last Harris and switch to a completely Atlas bipod stable but now I find myself hesitating. The Podmods have breathed a little new life and function into the Harris design at a really attractive price. If you need a set of feet or leg extensions for your new Podmods, Kahntrol Solutions is an Atlas products dealer as well! It’s a one stop shop for the adapters and any accessories you need to go along with them! If you have any questions, drop them in the comments below!

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