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This week I wanted to highlight yet another chassis option, the KRG Bravo Chassis! It’s been a crazy few weeks here getting settled in the new house. I’ve had to move my whole reloading setup and race to get things ready for the Butch’s NMLRS Match in Logan, New Mexico this weekend! I’m getting the XLR ENVY chassis dialed in and ready for the match. I’m looking forward to getting some match time in with that chassis ahead of sitting down to write up the review. As I do all this another chassis option has hit the market. Kinetic Research Group has released their new Bravo chassis!

KRG Bravo Chassis

The KRG Bravo Chassis has elements of the Whiskey 3 and X Ray chassis offerings in it. This stock looks like the more classic rifle stock and less like it’s chassis brethren. Regardless, no bedding is needed with this offering. You get a full length aluminum backbone to keep the stock stiff and avoid any flexing in the front end. You also get the myriad of mounting options on the bottom of the handguard typical of other KRG offerings. KRG is keeping up with the trends. They are slated to release an ARCA rail you can bolt to the bottom of their chassis along with several ARCA accessories!

You always get a plethora of mounting options for accessories with a KRG chassis…the Bravo is no exception *Photo credit goes to KRG*

I’m pleased to see the proliferation of the ARCA rail and different accessories that will mount up on the ARCA rail pattern. While it’s similar in principle to the Picatinny rail, there are some differences. One of those differences is the size of the ARCA rail. It’s wider and lacks the lugs of the Picatinny rail. I’m not sure the lack of lugs is an improvement, a bipod might walk across an ARCA rail under recoil. I’m not sure. I’ve just got my hands on some ARCA rail accessories and haven’t tried a bipod mounted on it yet. However, there’s something to be said for the increased surface area. It may be enough to overcome the loss of the lugs!


Here’s KRG’s new ARCA clamp with their barricade tool mounted on it, I’ve got it clamped on the XLR ENVY for testing!

KRG Bravo Chassis Target Audience

The crazy part about the KRG Bravo Chassis is the price. It’s set to hit the market at $350 USD for the Remington 700 model. That places it squarely in the starter market that’s currently occupied by the Magpul Hunter 700. We wrote an article on the Magpul Hunter 700 when it was brand new. The same features that made the Magpul Hunter 700 an appealing option for the new precision shooter make the KRG Bravo Chassis an equally appealing option. The KRG Bravo Chassis, like the Magpul, ticks all the right boxes for the beginner or even the seasoned vet saving cash on a build.

Things you want on any rifle stock are all present here. Adjustable length of pull and comb height for proper fitting of the stock to the shooter. You want either a built in rail or set of mounting options on the handguard. At a minimum you want to be able to mount a bipod. Ideally, you will have a way to add rails and other accessories so you can add QD sling mounts and accessories you might need for your type of shooting. As we mentioned above, you’ve got all these features included with the KRG Bravo Chassis!

Pistol Grip or Traditional?

This is likely going to be the biggest consideration as far as whether or not the new KRG Bravo Chassis is for you or not. You need to decide what type of stock you prefer, the traditional stock or the pistol grip chassis? I recommend you try both before you make your decision. By try both I mean I recommend you try to actually fire a few rounds through a rifle with each option to get a feel for it. Personally, I favor the traditional stock for no stress shooting. For anything competitive, dynamic, or run and gun type shooting I favor the chassis systems.

Wrapping Up

We really are in the golden age of precision rifle shooting. The options available to shooters interested in tactical rifle shooting these days are numerous and of excellent quality. Whether you prefer a traditional stock or a chassis, there’s an option out there that fits your preferences. Whatever type of shooting you do and regardless of your experience level, there’s something out there you can get excited about. The KRG Bravo Chassis adds another great option to the market. Particularly for guys just getting started or looking to upgrade their factory Remington to a chassis with more options.

I’ve got friends who run KRG products and they’ve got nothing but good things to say about their offerings. I’ve got no reason to suspect this will be anything but another superb offering from the guys at Kinetic Research Group. I’ll keep an eye peeled and see if I can get a little hands on time with one of these. First thing’s first, however! I’ve got to get my game face on for the match this weekend and get some photos and match time under my belt with the XLR ENVY!

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