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Magpul Hunter 700 Rifle Stock

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I had to throw a post up on the Magpul Hunter 700 as soon as I saw it announced. I’m a fan of Magpul products and I’m not ashamed to say it. I don’t buy every offering they have but of the Magpul products I have purchased I’ve yet to be disappointed in any of them. I’ve not had my hands on one of the Magpul Hunter 700 stocks yet as it was only just announced. However, from what the company has released as far as information so far and what I can see in their video I think it’s worth posting about. Particularly when you remember that I try to cater to the newer shooters as much as possible. Precision Shooting is a great sport but our grass roots process needs some work. I think as I explain what I’ve learned already about the Magpul Hunter 700 that you will see why this might be very appealing to a newer shooter.

Magpul Hunter 700 Stock

As we can already tell from the name of the product, the Magpul Hunter 700 is being marketed towards the hunting crowd. That should not come as a surprise as Hunting is an American past time and tradition, not to mention in the rest of the world. That’s a lot of potential customers so it shouldn’t be surprising that Magpul wants to appeal to them. They also know what’s going on in the Precision Rifle scene. While it may not be specifically marketed towards competitive or professional tactical marksmen, I see a lot of features that should get a lot of people excited. For starters, the price. Magpul has stated these will be retailing for $259.95 USD for the stock itself. That’s an extremely respectable price for a stock upgrade. It gets better though! For an additional $69.95 USD you can buy Magpul’s Bolt Action Magazine well that you can bolt into the stock and replace the standard Remington bottom metal. Here’s the result!

Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 7

The Magpul Hunter 700 with optional Bolt Action Magazine well will accept AICS compatible magazines, including the new 5/6RD Magpul AICS magazine!

Magpul has stated that the new Magpul Hunter 700 utilizes an anodized aluminum bedding block. That alone is a big step up from the standard rubber overmolded stocks that most Remington 700s are mounted on from the factory. The importance of a bedding block lies in a repeatable foundation for bolting the action in. Since it isn’t made of plastic or rubber there is no flex in the mounting surface and that leads to consistent pressure on the action when torqued into the stock. Consistency is the precursor to accuracy so that isn’t an insignificant feature by any means. They manage to pack that block and the features below into a 2.9lbs package. That keeps the weight down for the Hunting crowd that has to lug their rifle into the woods, and for the Tactical crowd that might be serving overseas or trying to shave time off a stage in competition.

Magpul Hunter 700 Features

That’s nothing short of stellar! For a cost of $330 USD you can take your factory Remington 700 stock, pull the action out of the rubber or plastic BDL (box drop latch) stock and drop it into a Magpul Hunter 700 stock that will immediately give you a number of advantages at a very attractive cost. Obviously, a magazine fed system is huge. It typically costs around $500 on the low end for a new chassis system that already works with Accuracy International magazines. If you just were to inlet the stock you have and add a new set of bottom metal that will accept the magazines you’re looking at anywhere from about $150-350 USD depending on who makes the bottom metal. The ability to use Accuracy International magazines is probably the best feature of the Magpul Hunter 700, but it’s not the only new feature you get!

Additionally, the Magpul Hunter 700 also accepts Magpul SGA cheek risers and LOP (Length of Pull) spacers. This means that you can take a few minutes and with some accessories you can actually fit the new stock to your body properly. You can pick the height you need with a cheek riser so you get the perfect cheek weld each time putting your eyeball directly behind the ocular lens of the rifle scope. We talked about how important that is when discussing sight picture! Here are a few photos of the SGA riser and LOP spacers.

Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 5

SGA Cheek Riser on the Magpul Hunter 700 **Notice zero interference with the open bolt, and the side bolt release on the side of the action***

Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 4

SGA Length of Pull spacers on the Magpul Hunter 700 for dialing in the rifle stock for a perfect fit to the shooter

I have an SGA stock on my Remington 870 and there’s a bunch of nice features there. For starters you can see there’s a slot for threading a sling through the stock that is already molded in. You can also see, just in front of the standard sling slot, a small circular flush cup for using a sling equipped with QD (Quick Detach) sling attachment points. That’s my preference since you can move slings around quickly and easily between multiple rifles. Or if you just happen to be punching paper and don’t need it, you can remove it and keep it completely out of the way. My only gripe with Magpul QD adaptors thus far as been that they are free spinning, perhaps we will finally see a limited rotation model at the SHOT show?

In the same vein as the Magpul Hunter 700 the guys at Magpul are announcing a new five round, AICS (Accuracy International Chassis System) compatible magazine with an anti-tilt follower. Given the reliability of the Magpul magazines in the AR15 world I have no doubts these will be excellent magazines. Those are going to be priced at $34.95 USD. That’s a solid $30-50 USD cheaper than the Accuracy International magazines depending on whether you go with a five or a ten round version. The new Magpul mags are said to come set up for a 5 round capacity to comply with hunting restrictions but with a simple switch of the follower to a different slot, you can convert it to a 6 round capacity. The name itself, the PMAG5 7.62 suggests we might see a PMAG10 as well. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if that shows up at the Shot Show along with the stock!

Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 8

Magpul PMAG5 7.62 AC magazine in the Magpul Hunter 700 stock


Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 7

The bottom plate on the PMAG5 7.62 AC almost looks like it might accept other Magpul accessories like ranger floor plates, we will see!

More Magpul Hunter 700 Features

The list of goodies offered by the Magpul Hunter 700 continues! You thought we were done, didn’t you?

Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 9

Good view of the Magpul Hunter 700 and the forward M-LOK slots

The Magpul Hunter 700 appears to have 3 of the new M-LOK slots on each side of the front end of the stock. That can be useful for adding sling mounts, lights, or if you’re really high speed you could put a NV Illuminator or Laser for low light shooting. The news from Magpul states there are multiple points for adding swivel studs for traditional sling mounts as well as QD sockets and those are listed in addition to the M-LOK slots. In the next couple photos I want to point out some things that are nice, but aren’t actually listed as a feature per se. For starters look at this photo…

Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 3

Magpul Hunter 700 Top View

A few things jump out at me. One being just behind the tang of the action you can see a flattened out spot on the edge of the Magpul Hunter 700, right where your thumb would go. I think we are looking at what’s called a thumb shelf there. It doesn’t sound like much, but it’s often the small details that really sell a product, particularly a new product. All we are talking about is a small spot where your thumb will find a comfortable place to rest while firing the rifle. Not a big deal, but it’s a nice touch and a small detail they made sure to include. I like that sort of thing, attention to detail is important.

Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 6

Note the paddle to drop the magazine in front of the trigger guard

Obviously a magazine fed rifle must have a way to release the magazine. Putting that release directly in front of the trigger guard is nothing new. Its tough to tell with the shadows but I believe this is more the paddle style release than the traditional lever style. The difference is being able to push the ears of the paddle forward to drop the magazine as opposed to have to break your grip with your firing hand to move fingers underneath the trigger guard and forward to move a lever. I don’t know if its going to change your life but again, it shows there was a lot of thought put into this and continuing attention to small details.

Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 2

Front end of the Magpul Hunter 700

The only thing I see here I want to point out is that the Harris Bipod mounted on the front is attached not by sling stud, but by some kind of adaptor. I think it might say Larue on the side but it’s really hard to tell with the shadowing and the screen grab from the video. In any event, the significant thing to point out is that there are likely either M-LOK slots on the bottom, or different attachment points for accessories of one sort or another. My bet would be more M-LOK slots as that is the direction that Magpul has been starting to move. I think that’s worth mentioning because a lot of stocks don’t afford the user any way of attaching a rail to the bottom of the stock for a rail mounted bipod.

Here’s the video Magpul released! Enjoy!

Updates on the Magpul Hunter 700

I’m cross posting some photos here from our buddies at Jade Precision that took a few photos of the new Magpul Hunter 700. The interesting one being a really good view of the aluminum bedding block. It does not appear to extend into the forearm however I don’t see that as an issue. Rubber stocks are a lot more flexy than polymer and I’m sure they made sure to thicken things up to avoid any flex up on that end especially for bipod people. The whole free world is aware of that issue with rubber stocks on Remingtons I can’t believe Magpul would be oblivious. If you look at the middle of the recoil lug well there may actually be a slim line of aluminum running up the middle on the bottom of the fore end but its difficult to tell from photos!

jadeprecisionshotshow2-magpul hunter 700

Aluminum bedding block on the Magpul Hunter 700 – Photo was taken by our friends at Jade Precision


jadeprecisionshotshow-magpul hunter 700

Nice view of the Magwell and trigger assembly taken by the guys at Jade Precision

Here’s an excellent video by the guys at with the Director of Magpul’s Precision Rifle Program that walks through and highlights the features of the new Hunter 700 Stock!


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  1. Looking forward to getting my hands on one. I’m curious about the fit of the aluminum bedding. I currently am running an HS Precision that is a tack driver. I have wanted to upgrade to detachable mag fed but only if accuracy won’t suffer. I like the price point too.

    1. Author

      I don’t think anyone will be disappointed but we have to wait a bit till they are released to know for sure. Mega Arms has also released a new chassis though at more than double the price.

      I saw some pictures of the block I will post later after I download them.

  2. do you have any idea as to why the magazine wells seem to be out of stock everywhere ?? most just say back order..

    1. Author

      I’d imagine it’s a popular accessory and they may have misjudged how many people that want the mag well to go with the stock, but that’s just a guess!

      1. Thanks for the reply ! I searched all night and found one haha i cant wait to fit it on my r700

  3. Just though it would really lock Lt on tight. I am building a 308 win with a 26in shelin match barrel with a 1:10 twist, seen this stock though I would try it. I hope it works out for my build .

    1. Author

      I’d see how it shoots without the bedding first, you can always add it later if you want. Bedding tends to drop your resale value if you ever decide to sell and upgrade.

  4. I’m thinking about building a REM 700 using a remage barrel. Would the barrel nut cause any interference issues using this stock?

    1. Author

      That’s an excellent question, Anthony. I’m at work right now, let me check when I get home and I’ll answer you here!

  5. I just bought a magpul 700 hunter stock will my Remington 700 long 300 wm fit in that stock?

    1. Author

      No, Archie, a 300WM is a long action caliber, Magpul hasn’t released the LA version of the hunter 700 yet. You likely bought the short action version, and it won’t fit.

  6. I recently dropped a Bergara B14 6.5CM Hunter barreled action into the Magpul 700 Hunter stock with magwell kit. Everything fit perfect using Remington 700 action screws. The gun will shoot sub MOA all day.

    1. Which model 700 action screws did you use. I currently have a SPS tactical in a 700 hunter stock. Would like to try my Bergara B-14 Hunter .308 in the Magpul 700 Hunter stock.

  7. Hi
    I’m hoping you can help
    I would like to know if this would work for rem 700 target tactical 308 with 5R barrel.
    I haven’t been able to source this info anywhere.

    1. Author

      Dylan, the barrel contour is what will make or break you as far as the Magpul stock. Which model do you have, specifically? Is it the SPS tactical? Check your owners manual if you need to. If it’s a factory barrel, I think you’re probably fine. However, it would be easy enough to bring your rifle into either a local gun shop, or a big retail store like Cabelas, and ask one of the Gun Counter folks to pull it out of the factory stock and check it on the Magpul.

  8. Hi
    Excellent trend , I’m very interested in this stock .however I have a contour 5 barrel , 32 inches long .on a long action 700. The barrel is quite wide at the action . I doubt it wholes fit this stock !
    It’s currently in a HS precision . The Rifle was a senderos special in 270 . I rebarreled to 30/06

  9. Anyone here running a .223 with the detachable mag setup? Concerned about possible feed issues.

    1. Yes, David. Just installed the Magpul Hunter 700 Short Action Detachable Magazine Well, and so far the Accurate Mag (metal) and Modular (polymer) magazines are both working great with American Eagle .223 ammo.

  10. Hey Rich, great article.

    I’d like to install a Magpul M-LOK mount on a Hunter 700 for a Harris bipod. There are 5 screws holding the front piece to the stock that must be removed to get the locking nuts into place on the inside for the mount. But removing the 5 screws does not seem to fully release that front, bottom portion of the stock. I can pull it away from the upper part of the stock at the muzzle end, but not at the receiver end to get my fingers in there to position the nuts for tightening.

    It seems that entire front-bottom portion of the stock should just pop free after removing the 5 screws. Am I missing something?

    Thanks for any help you can offer,

  11. Opps! Never mind. Figured out that the M-LOK system simply requires pushing the nuts through the slots, and tightening. No alignment needed. Got it working.

    Thanks again for the great site.

  12. If I don’t want to use the M-LOK system.. What kind of tools can I use to open holes..?

    1. Author

      What would you use instead? If you want to hack up your stock I can’t stop you but I’ve got no idea what tools you would use or what you would try to do instead. MLOK works very well. I’d recommend a different stock entirely before I’d advocate hacking it up to try and make something else work.

      1. I don’t want to hack my stock.. If you see carefully there are to tiny marks in the same place m-lok fits..those marks are for make holes..but I don’t know how

          1. sling swivel studs or use them to mount harris style bipods. Have to drill a pilot hole first is recommended.

    1. Author

      I don’t know, Jarid. I doubt it but nothing stops you from taking the barreled action into a shop and eye balling it.

  13. I’m about to order the stock system for the 700 .308 sps tactical with a 30mm optic. What’s the overall length of the entire rifle? I’m grabbing a pelican case for traveling and want to make sure I order a big enough size.

    1. Author

      I can’t answer that for you Jeff. It will depend on how long your barrel is after you drop your barrelled action in. I would guess in the neighborhood of 42″

      1. I sincerely doubt if your overall length will change much with the new stock, Jeff. The LOP should be the very close to what it is on the original stock.

  14. So I have this stock on my Remington 700 Long Action Rifle, the Remington 700L Hunter stock. As I finished bolting it together, I tried to remove the bolt, and it does not come all the way out because the cheek riser is in the way. Has anyone else ran into this issue? If so, what is the fix? Am I doing something wrong?

      1. I have the same problem. Built a 6.5×284. I have to take the cheek riser off to get the bolt off. It is also having feed problems out of the box mag. I love it. Shooting 5 shot .30″ groups. But the bullets don’t feed out of the magazine. I’m shooting single shot. Anyone else with this problem? Any thoughts on how to fix?

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