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Alright boys and girls, Magpul recently started shipping the PMAG 10 AC magazines for the Remington 700 actions utilizing Accuracy International pattern magazine wells. We did a pretty in depth walk through on the PMAG 5 AC, which was the first of the two that Magpul released. So why bother with the ten round article you ask? Well, as much as I’d like to assume the two magazines functioned the same way with double the capacity, you know what they say about assumptions. I’ve had a half dozen of these for a little more than a week and got some live fire done today. I wanted to make sure I had a little range time with them before getting any information pushed out to you all.

PMAG 10 AC – The New Hotness?

Yes and No. If you’re running a Remington action and a stock or chassis utilizing an Accuracy International pattern magazine well…I think these are definitely for you. They’re retailing for around $38 bucks, which you can easily see the appeal when compared to the metal Accuracy International magazines. Those run closer to $80-$90 depending where you buy them. So half the price…that’s not a small consideration. However, there are things to be leery of as well.

I’m always reading and surfing different forums and long range shooting groups looking for tidbits of information worth holding onto. One of the trends I’ve noticed is that the PMAG 10 AC magazines and even the PMAG 5 AC magazines seem to be working well with Remington/Accuracy International combos. However, for the folks running a Tikka action, or a Savage, or another brand in a chassis that uses an AI pattern magazine well…there’s issues. Some guys are filing things to make them work, and that’s fine if you want to do that. The point, though, is that the AI pattern PMAGs don’t seem to work as well across the board as the metal AI and Accurate Mags do.

Keep in mind, it’s a plastic magazine, manufactured and sold at less than half the cost of a traditional AI magazine. The PMAG 10 AC magazines work very well when they’re asked to do what they were designed to do: feed ammunition through an AI pattern magazine well into a Remington action. The issues seem to be cropping up when guys are asking the magazines to do as well, with the many different options available, as the AI magazines have always done.

How did they function?

I have accurized and trued Remington actions feeding through a Badger/Manners system and an XLR Industries Carbon chassis system, no issues with either. I’m not on the tamer side of function, either. I did most of my testing of the PMAG 10 AC and it’s 5 round little brother on my XLR Chassis which is the host for my 308 Winchester rifle. That rifle is a bit of a franken-gun. I hogged out the feed ramp years ago to allow longer rounds to feed when I was experimenting with heavier bullets and higher ballistic coefficients. When Magpul says the PMAG 10 AC magazines have an internal COAL of 2.860″ they mean it. Mine are loaded to 2.860″ and they feed.

I want to say this now so everyone reading this understands: Just because they feed a COAL (Cartridge Over All Length) of 2.860″ does not mean a bullet loaded to 2.860″ will feed in YOUR rifle. That is a really long round. Long enough to get hung up under an unmodified feed ramp. So if you haven’t specifically set your gun up to feed rounds that long, just stick to the book specs for cartridge length.

PMAG 10 AC top view

Having said all that, these fed with zero issues during this range trip. Let me paint the picture for you so you can understand why that’s saying something. The rifle was a bit dry, it’s been in the safe and I forgot to wipe things down and slick up the bolt lugs and the action a bit. So it was running dry. The temperature was great, but we had a decent tail wind. That tail wind was kicking up Colorado moon dust/dirt and blowing it into the action, the mags, onto the ammo, etc. It was a recipe for a less than great feeding scenario. The rifle still fed and functioned flawlessly from the ten round PMAGs.

Wrapping Up

I did everything I did the first go around. I loaded them up full, the bodies weren’t bulging or having any issues. The magazines fed flawlessly. I ran them hard and fast, easy and slow, fully loaded, not fully loaded, whatever I could think of. They just ran. If you’ve got a Remington and an AI pattern magwell, I think the PMAG 10 AC magazines will work well for you. They may well work with Remington clones, or even other actions, just be realistic about your expectations the farther you get from what they were designed to work with. If you’re running some of the less common combos you may be better off running genuine metal Accuracy International magazines. The good news is, there will likely be a flood of them being sold off as the Remington crowd starts buying PMAGs up left and right! If you have questions, or any experience with these yourself…drop it below in the comments!

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