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Today I’m going to give you guys some information less about what kind of gear to grab, but instead where to find it: Mile High Shooting! I’ve mentioned Mile High Shooting a number of times in various articles over the years but I haven’t really dedicated an entire post to them thus far. That’s going to change today! The main reason I’m devoting an article specifically to Mile High Shooting is because they’re that good! Their slogan is, “A Mile Above the Rest,” and it’s very true. The folks at Mile High Shooting will get you squared away whatever your precision shooting needs might be. They have a massive inventory of precision shooting goodies and they’re the North American distributor for Accuracy International!

Mile High Shooting

Mile High Shooting is owned by Randy and Diann Pennington. Randy is a disabled Vietnam Veteran and about the nicest guy you could meet. Years ago I had an extractor claw sheer off my JP bolt on the first day of the Sniper’s Hide Cup. Randy told me that they didn’t have any bolts available, just the full blown carrier groups which were pretty pricey. Then he called back a few minutes later and said he had found a bolt in their inventory. I spent lunch that day driving back and forth to pick up that bolt but I was able to finish the match! I’ll never know if he really found a bolt or not. I personally suspect he gave me a bolt from one of the carrier groups and ordered a replacement later. Either way, he saved my bacon!

Diann is another real sweetheart. Just an extremely friendly and pleasant lady to be around. Years ago when they were running the business out of the basement of their home she sold me my first real rifle stock. It was an Accuracy International 1.5 and it was a cool moment for me and precision shooting. She’s always happy to see me and my wife when we stop in to pick up some parts or gadgets. She’s also shown me around the shop a bit where most folks don’t get to go. I can tell you having seen it with my own eyes, they really do have everything you could want. They’re stocking dealers and distributors for some big names like Accuracy International, SPUHR, Wilson Combat. They carry everything from rifles to ammunition. If you’re after high end scopes they’re a Schmidt & Bender dealer, Kahles, Bushnell, Vortex, etc.

Mile High Shooting Showroom1

One angle of their showroom! A precision shooter’s candy store!

That’s Not All

Mile High Shooting also has a full service shop. From simple stuff like mounting a scope to full on custom rifle builds, they can do it all. They have a couple very skilled gunsmiths on staff and are more than willing to help with any upgrades you might be considering. They’re also a service center for Accuracy International so if you are having issues with your AI they will get you squared away. Mile High Shooting maintains a pretty extensive inventory of all their products. So don’t let the size of the showroom fool you, they’ve got oodles of goodies in their inventory. If you don’t see something you really want, ask them, there’s a better than average chance they have it. If not, they’ll certainly be able to get it for you and their follow up is excellent.

Mile High Shooting Showroom2

They stock a lot of different ammunition. My recent trip was picking up some Fiocchi 300BLK for an AR15 Pistol I’m putting together. However, they stock Federal and Hornady products if you’re after some match grade, factory produced, ammunition. I’ve bought Gold Medal Match there for 308 Winchester as well as Hornady for the 6.5 Creedmoor. These guys are very serious about the products they choose to stock and sell. If they don’t believe it’s a quality offering, you won’t see it on their shelves. Likewise, if it’s on a shelf at Mile High Shooting they stand behind the product. I’ve seen some really outstanding customer service from them over the years, and not really because it was something I needed. I’ve seen them bend over backwards to help out other customers who had a product that they weren’t happy with.

Before I forget…they’re also a Class III dealer. So if you’re interested in joining the ranks of the suppressed rifle shooters out there, Mile High Shooting can get you squared away. They were a distributor for Suppressed Armament Systems for years until there was a falling out. If you want to read about that the information is out there. They’re currently a dealer for Thunderbeast Arms Corporation, SilencerCo, Gemtech, etc. I couldn’t name all the products they carry. However, you can check out this link for a list of brands they carry in their store!

Wrapping Up

In life there are groups of people and businesses that you stand by all your life, and there are people and businesses you deal with time to time. Mile High Shooting really strives to be one of the former. They know your name if you’re a regular customer. They work tirelessly to make sure that whatever it is you purchase from them, you’re satisfied. If by some chance you find yourself unsatisfied, you should be comfortable knowing they will make it right with you. They want customers for life and not just customers for the day. They’re salt of the earth people, they know the products, and they know the sport. Even if you aren’t sure what it is you’re after, if you explain what you want to do, they’ll advise you on the best way to get it done. I have always tried to shop at Mile High Shooting first and I typically look elsewhere only if it’s a product they don’t carry. Give them a call, you won’t be disappointed!

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