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Ruger Precision Rifle: The Timney Trigger

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Hey everyone it’s Don again. This Yeti finally managed to get himself out into the cold for some shooting. Good thing too because I’ve been really excited to get this particular article out the door. Today I’m going to be talking about another trigger offering for the Ruger Precision Rifle, …

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Barrel Nut Installation Process

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We’ve talked a bunch about barrel nut setups on AccuracyTech in the past. Specifically Rem/Age style barrel installations where a Savage style nut is used to install a barrel onto a Remington Action. Barrel Nut Installations are becoming more and more popular. Now you see high end, custom actions, like the Bighorn TL3 and Mausingfield being threaded for Savage style threads. This enables the user to install a barrel of their choice. The owner can set the headspace with gauges and lock everything down with the barrel nut. All of this can be done without having to ship the action off or pay the $700-$850 that a rebarrel typically costs.

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The Gear Race and How to Evaluate Purchases

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So this week we’re going to discuss the gear race. Believe me when I tell you the gear race exists. The gear race can be loosely defined as spending cash on different pieces of gear. The expectation is that in purchasing better gear you will score better and do better as a shooter. What I can tell you after eight years and counting in this sport is the gear race is alive and well. The question becomes whether or not the money invested is worth the return. For some things it can be, but for the majority…not so much.

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Evolution of Tripod Shooting – PT4

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I know some time has passed since the last installment of the Evolution of Tripod Shooting series of articles. There’s a reason. I wanted to get some time in with the new Really Right Stuff tripod setup. I wanted to try it both with a traditional saddle mount and a …

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XLR Industries Visit

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This week we were able to stop by the XLR Industries shop for a tour and a chat with some of the crew! These visits are always really interesting both for us and our readers. It’s always fascinating to see some of the process behind popular products. It’s truly amazing some of the technology XLR Industries uses to transform hunks of aluminum into highly sought after chassis systems. Their shop is state of the art. Computer controlled Haas CNC machines, 3 Dimensional modeling, it’s pretty impressive to hear about. So let’s get started on a quick look behind the curtain at XLR Industries!