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Generating a Drop Chart

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Ever see those little charts with adjustments on them that tell a rifle shooter how many clicks of adjustment they need to hit a target at a specific distance? It’s called a drop chart and it’s the subject of this post. A lot of people don’t know where to go or how to generate one so we’re going to tackle that and explain it all. This way all the guys that buy a rifle and want to reach out a bit will have a guide for how to generate a drop chart that will enable them to stretch the legs of their rifle without any of the guesswork that can be wasteful of ammunition and provide a lousy shooting experience!

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Ocular Lens Focus and Parallax Adjustment

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There is often some confusion when discussing the topics of ocular lens focus and parallax adjustment. People confuse the terms for each other and they misunderstand what it means to have a parallax free image. We are going to discuss how to properly set the focus of the ocular lens and we are going to discuss what parallax is and how to remove it with your scope. People don’t realize just how big an effect that parallax error can create when shooting and they often misadjust the parallax as they try to correct problems with the focus of the ocular lens. Lets break the topics down and discuss how to get it right!

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Preparing for a Rifle Match

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We have discussed what gear is required for a tactical rifle match in prior posts. In this post the plan is to discuss different ways of actually getting ready to attend a tactical rifle match. Things worth doing and some little tips to make sure you are organized before you attend a tactical rifle match. This is a topic I often see discussed with shooters that want to get into competing but they aren’t necessary sure how to go about preparing. They might have the gear they need but there’s a lack of information with regard to how to get everything ready to go. That’s what this post is all about, getting squared away and preparing for a rifle match!

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Shooting with Both Eyes Open

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Shooting with both eyes open is another one of those topics that newer shooters seem to have issues with. Yes, that’s a photo from a movie, but it illustrates exactly what we’re going to discuss, shooting with both eyes open. Once again I believe the real issue is improper prior habits. Somewhere along the line Grandpa or somebody told you to close your non dominant eye so it is easier to see through the eye behind the optic. The problem is, that practice is not conducive to accurate shooting, especially at distance. By closing one eye you are contracting a muscle and that requires you to split your concentration between keeping the eye closed and making the shot. It creates muscular strain which can be distracting as well.

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Stainless Steel Media Cleaning

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Stainless steel media cleaning has become all the rage recently and for very good reason. Stainless steel media is extremely effective. Stainless steel media will clean and polish the inside and outside of the case, including the primer pocket. Stainless steel media cleans better than traditional walnut and corn cob media and it does it without the dust and the mess. Stainless steel media itself is reusable and does not degrade like traditional media. There are some downsides, particularly the startup costs associated with stainless steel media. However, the benefits far outweigh any negative aspects of the system and we are going to discuss just why it’s so effective in this post!