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Red Dot Sight for Rifle Shooting

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The use of a red dot sight for rifle shooting has been a growing trend in recent years, with good reason. When set up properly you can leverage the speed and parallax free features of a red dot sight for rifle shooting. The idea is to set one up so that it is collimated with your regular precision rifle optic. That relationship and alignment is where the advantages of using a red dot sight for rifle shooting can be realized. If you want to know how to set it up and use it to the best of your ability, read on!

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Loading a Bipod

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Have you heard of loading a bipod? You should be doing it as you set up your position before every shot! If you have heard of it but aren’t quite sure how to pull it off then read on as we discuss how to go about loading a bipod and why it’s important! Loading a bipod is closely related to all the fundamentals of marksmanship when firing from a prone position. The purpose of loading a bipod is to take any and all slack out of the shooter and rifle system. Under recoil the rifle is going to move opposite the path of the bullet’s travel down the bore. If the shooter has introduced any angles or doesn’t have a solid position behind the rifle it will jump around more. This is where you see the infamous ‘bipod hop’ in videos. There shouldn’t be any, if the position is built correctly, the rifle just rocks back against the shooter and then back forward as recoil subsides.

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Precision Reloading – Brass Resizing Methods

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Here’s a reloading topic that comes up quite a bit when discussing Precision Reloading: Full Length Sizing Vs Neck Sizing Brass. What’s the difference between them and which is better? We’re going to cover those questions along with an explanation as to the precision reloading process on both sides. The main things you have to keep in mind when deciding what method to use when sizing your brass is what your ultimate goal has become. Are you looking to get the absolute longest life and longevity out of your brass or are you looking for a more consistent preparation of the cases. Full length sizing will generally offer the best reliability and consistency while neck sizing offers better brass longevity.

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Proper Rangefinder Technique

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Here’s a topic that might seem simpler than it actually is, proper rangefinder technique. What am I talking about? I’m referring to the actual technique you use with your rangefinder to determine the distance to a target you plan to engage. Sounds simple, right? It typically is, but there is the potential to make mistakes. Some of those mistakes are accidental on part of the user that result in the wrong rangefinder result. Some of those mistakes are the deliberate result of a match director who’s looking to make the task of ranging targets more challenging. So let’s discuss the way to do it properly so you hit what you’re shooting at!