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Stainless Steel Media Cleaning

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Stainless steel media cleaning has become all the rage recently and for very good reason. Stainless steel media is extremely effective. Stainless steel media will clean and polish the inside and outside of the case, including the primer pocket. Stainless steel media cleans better than traditional walnut and corn cob media and it does it without the dust and the mess. Stainless steel media itself is reusable and does not degrade like traditional media. There are some downsides, particularly the startup costs associated with stainless steel media. However, the benefits far outweigh any negative aspects of the system and we are going to discuss just why it’s so effective in this post!

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Long Range Shooting with a Semi Auto

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I see the question asked all the time. Why not use a semi automatic rifle for long range shooting? It would make a great competition gun, right? Yes and No. Maybe you’ve heard the other side of the argument? You know, the one that says semi automatic rifles can never be as accurate as bolt action rifles. Like all myths, there are elements of those surrounding the use of semi automatic rifles for long range shooting that are factually correct. There are also elements of the same notions that are just ridiculous and not true. We’re going to examine both sides and let you, the reader, make the call for yourself.

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Proper Wind Call Communication

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In this posting we’re going to discuss the proper terminology for wind calls. Newer shooters are often eager to get into learning the wind and there is some misinformation out there. As a result we have newer shooters using the wrong terms or incorrectly communicating with their spotter or the shooter they are spotting for. The goal of this article is going to be the proper communication and terminology to use when describing what we see happening with the wind. The idea is that by all using the right terms and communicating what we see based on the same set of ground rules that we can eliminate some of the errors between shooters when trying to help each other out with what’s happening down range.

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Hold or Dial for Windage

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What we are describing here is the choice between physically dialing a windage adjustment in by physically moving the windage turret and using a hold off for wind. Hold offs are another term for Kentucky Windage. The process is fairly simple and most people do it instinctively if they are able to observe a shot and how far they miss the target. Rather than aim dead center of a bulls eye with your sights lets say you noticed that you missed by six inches off to your left. You can then hold off six inches to the right, so the center of the bulls eye is no longer the point of aim, but when you fire the additional round you score a hit.