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Hearing protection is essential in any shooting discipline. The Peltor Tactical 6S hearing protection muffs are a popular choice among shooters for a variety of reasons. For starters, Peltor is something of a well known brand. They also have a wide product range with models in the entry, mid level, and higher end price points for the hearing protection equipment. The Peltor Tactical 6S muffs were an easy choice when I paired the product up with a gift card and brought the price down even lower. I’ve since had these muffs for a few years and for a long time, they were my go to set, seeing quite a bit of use. By far their biggest draw is the ambient noise filtering feature which allows the muffs to boost ambient noise so you can still hear and take part in conversations or listen to range commands as though you didn’t have any muffs on. When the Peltor Tactical 6S muffs detect noise above a certain decibel level, as with gunfire, they automatically shut off and the passive 20dB hearing protection muffles the sound of the shot.

Folded Up

Folded Up


The construction of the Peltor Tactical 6S hearing muffs is about what you would expect. The cups themselves are largely made of plastic and they hold up fairly well. I’ve not had any issues with the muffs holding up under typical and even competition level use. However, the band between the two ear cups has a vinyl-ish material covering. It doesn’t feel particularly durable or high quality. That said, it has held up without issue. The volume knobs on each ear cup are plastic. There is a foam inner cup that separates the ear from the internal circuitry and speaker for the audio feature. The battery terminals have a somewhat flimsy appearance to them when you go to install the batteries in each ear cup. Like the volume knobs and the strap between the cups, I’ve not had any issues with them, however they aren’t particularly confidence inspiring.

Battery Compartment

Battery Compartment


The design aspect of the Peltor Tactical 6S electronic hearing muffs is pretty basic. Like most ear cup designs you have the two ear cups, both offering passive muffling of ambient noise. On each ear cup is a volume control knob. The knobs are plastic and they produce an audible and tactile click that lets you know when they are shut off or have turned from off to the on position. They do a good job boosting ambient noise and you can adjust the ears individually. Personally that’s a feature I dislike as you wind up fiddling with them a lot to get both ears at the same level. However, you can use that to your advantage by running one ear at a time. If your spotter is on your left, run the left muff and shut the right off, that sort of thing. They are useful when shooting steel at distance, particularly in the wind, as it helps you hear the clang on a hit. You should be able to spot your own shot if you know what you are doing but sometimes factors like mirage can make that challenging. Besides, that sound is part of what makes shooting steel a cool thing.

Opened Up - Right Side

Opened Up – Right Side


Durability has not been an issue with my set of Peltor Tactical 6S muffs. However, some longevity issues with these muffs have been touched on already. I’m not sure the battery terminals are robust enough to stand up to long time use and the band between the cups is not particularly confidence inspiring. Probably the most glaring issue I’ve run into with durability with these units are with respect to batteries. It uses four AAA batteries, which is more than some of Peltor’s competition. There is also a lack of any auto shut off feature. If you happen to take the muffs off or drop them back in your range bag without shutting them off you are in for a nasty surprise the next time you go to use them. It isn’t a big deal but its a nice feature that some of the other offerings on the market include, and at lower price points than the Peltor Tactical 6S muffs.

Opened Up - Front View

Opened Up – Front View


At $88.99 USD the Peltor Tactical 6S electronic hearing protection muffs are priced about where they should be for the features and quality of construction. These are not really intended to be duty level muffs for Law Enforcement or Military service members. They have held up to normal wear at recreational and even competition level shooting without a single problem. On the other hand, the brand Peltor, tends to command a bit higher price for a product in a given price range than other products with similar, and sometimes better features.

Overall not a bad product and it is not a purchase I regret. However, I do encourage our readers to explore all available options at the price point you plan to purchase under and make sure you make an informed purchase. We will be reviewing a few options in higher price points in the future and comparing features and build quality across the different price points to help our readers decide what features are useful, which are essential, and which are worth spending a few extra bucks on.

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