Prepping For The 2013 Sniper’s Hide Cup

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We will be attending the 2013 Sniper’s Hide Cup in Douglas, Wyoming later this month! We will bring plenty of pictures and video for the review this year.

The Sniper’s Hide Cup was a blast last year and even more shooters have signed up this year. We highly recommend participating in the Sniper’s Hide Cup for a variety of reasons, experience shooting in field conditions being among the best of those reasons! Meeting other shooters, learning to shoot better, checking out some of the coolest gear, great food and a fun time are other reasons you should look into it! In the mean time, have a look at some photos and the run down from the 2012 Sniper’s Hide Cup!

Also, the review work for the CED M2 Chronograph is nearly done, the review is about ready, I’m just trying to get some time set aside to do a little video work to include with it, should be posted sometime Wednesday! After that we should be back to posting one or two new reviews a week =) I’m still working on the review of the Applied Ballistics android app, my biggest struggle has been getting screen shots of what I want to show the readers about the application, without having to leave the application to do it, and losing what I was trying to show you. Stay tuned on that, I haven’t forgotten about it!

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