Red Tac Rear Bag - Front

Red Tac Rear Bag

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Here we have a Red Tac Rear Bag for use with precision rifles. We have mentioned this before, but choosing a rear bag is a highly subjective process. Different strokes for different folks and what not. You may have one rear bag that works great with one rifle and it may not work as well with another. Having multiple bags is never a bad thing and buying a few before you discover your favorite is pretty common. This was actually my very first rear bag. I bought a Red Tac Rear Bag because they have a solid reputation as a quality rifle rest. At the time I was using an HS Precision rifle stock and this turned out to be a good bag for that stock for a couple reasons.


The bag is constructed from quality materials and has stood up to the rigors of shooting, being scraped, dragged, and dropped onto and across shooting surfaces from dirt to concrete. It is a durable bag and one of the first commercially available bags to be available back when everybody was making their own out of old socks and beads. One thing that varies from bag to bag and impacts upon how useful it is to different shooters is the fill. How much and how malleable does it make the bag. For a traditional style rifle stock I think these bags are great, the regular sloping buttstock design rides the Red Tac Rear Bag very well. I found I didn’t like using it as much when I switched stocks and started using an Accuracy International Chassis System. The problem I ran into with that particular stock was the nominal shooting height was between where the bag worked for both horizontal and vertical configurations. Getting back to what I was saying about the bag’s fill, these bags tend to run a bit on the stiff side, at least mine does. So your range of adjustable height in either configuration isn’t as large as some other bags on the market. Again I have to stress, this is a subjective thing, it may be on the stiff side for my shooting posture and equipment, but spot on for yours.


Like most rear bags, the Red Tac Rear Bag is set up to work in two different directions. This gives you some versatility when trying to get the butt of the rifle at the right height for the shooting position you have found yourself using. On a fairly flat surface you can use it horizontally and keep the height of the bag on the lower end of the spectrum. Likewise, if you find yourself shooting on an uphill grade you may need more bag under the rifle, flip the Red Tac Rear Bag on end and you have a taller bag in the same package. Versatility is always welcomed in precision shooting. You can also loop the legs of your bipod through the hand loop if you are shooting off a barricade or other hard surface.

Red Tac Rear Bag - Front

Red Tac Rear Bag – Front

Red Tac Rear Bag - Side

Red Tac Rear Bag – Side


I have not had anything even approaching a durability issue with the Red Tac Rear Bag. It has held up to being tossed and kicked around on a variety of surfaces. It has taken the abuse of a recoiling rifle pushing it around on rocks and concrete. This bag is made to last and I’d be a bit suspicious if you claimed to have one exhibit any signs of poor construction that affected the bag’s longevity.

Red Tac Rear Bag - On the rifle in a low position

Red Tac Rear Bag – On the rifle in a low position

Red Tac Rear Bag - On the rifle set in a high position

Red Tac Rear Bag – On the rifle set in a high position


One of the nice things about these bags is that they aren’t cost prohibitive and owning several ensures that you will always have the right bag for the occasion. Different bags for different missions isn’t a bad mantra to subscribe to. The butt of my AR15 stock for example, tends to be rather short and require a higher bag with less give than some others, I tyically toss my Red Tac Rear Bag in with my AR when heading to work or the range. My precision rifle has a different preference and typically gets paired up with my Tab Gear Rear Bag.

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