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Short Action Precision Rear Bag – The Run N Gun

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Today we’re posting up our review of the Short Action Precision rear bag, they call it the Run N’ Gun! Why? It was created to be used not only as a rear bag, but also to facilitate shooting in dynamic, compromised, and awkward shooting positions! This rear bag comes with a strap that can be used to secure the bag beneath the stock of a rifle for use shooting off of barricades, fence posts, car hoods, whatever you can think to throw at it! On the bottom? An anti-slip grippy pad designed to further aid in keeping the rifle from moving around despite the cramped position you might find yourself shooting from! Compromised shooting positions are pretty commonplace nowadays at a Precision Rifle Match. Shots taken from non prone positions are more and more common and The Short Action Precision rear bag offers everything you could expect from a rear bag, and a boatload more!

Short Action Precision Rear Bag “Run N’ Gun”

When you first look at the Short Action Precision rear bag it looks like most other rear bags. So why do they call it the Run N’ Gun? It was designed for positional shooting, plain and simple. Its common knowledge that you want to interrupt the interaction of a hard surface with your rifle with something soft and pliable. Hard rifle on hard surface is no good, why? The energy and recoil tend to want to make the rifle hop and jump around. The energy transfer between the gun and the surface it sits upon is too efficient. This is where bags have been used to interrupt that energy transfer. By laying a bean bag on a concrete ledge, and putting the rifle on the bag, you give that energy a place to slow down and disperse. It also helps by giving you a pliable surface to steady the rifle and make fine aiming adjustments.

Short Action Precision Rear Bag2

Two notable features, the carry strap for using a carabiner or QD swivel to attach the Run N’ Gun to the rifle, and the barricade strap for attached the bag to the rifle itself for positional shooting

The Short Action Precision rear bag takes these lessons and weaves them into it’s design. Hence, the Run N’ Gun title! The Short Action Precision rear bag has an anti slip surface sewn into the bottom of the bag to give it a grippy, friction enhancing, surface to steady the bag. The Short Action Precision rear bag also includes a long cinch strap for strapping the bag to the bottom of a rifle. This way the rifle and bag are one unit. Lay the rifle, and Short Action Precision rear bag, on a ledge for the shots you have to take, then pick up the rifle and the bag comes with it for transition to the next shooting position. It’s pretty handy! What about use as a rear bag? They include a carry strap that you can order with different attachment devices for securing the bag to the sling, or a QD point on the stock itself!

Short Action Precision Rear Bag3

Shot of the grippy bottom surface the bag is intended to sit on when used for something like a barricade shot!

Short Action Precision Rear Bag5

Strapped to the rifle to provide a soft interface between the rifle and surface it might be resting on…

So How Does It Do?

I’ll be honest, the first time I tried it out, I wasn’t a fan. I’d become so accustomed to the feel of a traditional rear bag and hand strap that it just seemed odd the first time out. I put it back on the gear shelf for a bit before I gave it another whirl. However, the more I used it, the more I began to see the advantages. One of the first, that was most noticeable, was weight! This bag is feather light, they use a lightweight fill for the Short Action Precision rear bag. Its very similar to the Wiebad offerings in terms of weight. That fill is pretty stiff when the bag is new, though, and that was part of my initial turn off. The more I used it and broke it in, the better it got to be for molding around the rifle or just squeezing under the stock in a traditional rear bag role.

Short Action Precision Rear Bag4

You have three height options just like with traditional rear bags, and a handy strap for a QD swivel or carabiner to clip it to the stock!

I like the bag much more as a rear bag now that the fill has become more pliable. All that really took to achieve was some use and a hellacious first morning at the 2015 Sniper’s Hide Cup. When you are shooting at a match and you have to constantly pack things up and move them from one stage to another, the packing and unpacking is a chore. I really began to appreciate the simple addition of a carry strap that I had clipped to my stock. Every time I picked the rifle up, the bag came with it. When I moved from one position to another and dropped down to shoot, all I had to do was grab the bag and set it under the stock. No more “oh shit I left it at the last position” moments with the Short Action Precision rear bag. The Run N’ Gun earned it’s name!

Short Action Precision Rear Bag6

You can get pretty creative with different ways to use the bag to help steady an awkward shot forced from a non prone position…

Wrapping Up

In closing I should say that I probably would have had this review up sooner had I given the Short Action Precision rear bag more of a chance from the word go. Might have had a bad day shooting, a headache, who knows but I expected this bag to be everything it is now right out of the box. It needs a little break in time, and frankly, the shooter needs some time to learn how to best utilize it. It takes a little time before you will really feel at home reaching for it before you head out to shoot. That’s not a bad thing. This bag offers a ton of features for the $60 price tag. It’s a rear bag, it stays attached to the stock, you can strap it to almost any place on the rifle you want, it has an anti slip pad, and it weighs next to nothing! I’ve now had this bad boy along for a couple different matches and several range trips and it’s taken over as my “GO TO!” bag for shooting at this point. The versatility is really hard to beat. It does everything I need it to as a rear bag and it offers additional flexibility for positional shots when needed! If you have anything to add, be sure to comment below!

July T3 Match - Short Action Precision rear bag on the right of the pack!

July T3 Match – Short Action Precision rear bag on the right of the pack!

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