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TAB Gear Rear Bag

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Welcome to the TAB Gear Rear Bag review! Choosing a rear bag is a very subjective process, different strokes for different folks. You have to pick something that works well for you, is comfortable, and fits the majority of shooting positions you work with. The TAB Gear bag offers a number of features that make it an attractive option for somebody looking for a bag. The bags are made right here in the USA by US labor and with US components. In a world of overseas production, that’s a nice touch. Further, they give their products a lifetime warranty. That’s a nice touch too.


If you look at one of the TAB Gear Rear Bags you can see it is laid out to work in two different directions. The bag has a rectangle shape, one tall/slim and one short/wide side. This enables you to flip the bag depending on how much bag you need. If the front of the gun is lower you can use the short and wide side, if you find yourself in a more awkward position with the front of the gun resting higher and you need more bag in the rear, flip the bag and use the tall/slim side. This is a pretty standard feature in a rear bag but I think the dimensions of the TAB Gear Rear Bag are spot on. It is exceedingly rare situation when I can’t get the bag to work in either position beneath the rear of the gun.

Tab Gear Rear Bag - Rear View

Tab Gear Rear Bag – Rear View

Tab Gear Rear Bag - Front View

Tab Gear Rear Bag – Front View

Additionally, I find the fill of the bag to be important. Different manufacturers use different contents to fill the bag, but what I’m talking about is fill capacity. Too much and you have a very stiff bag, too little and you can’t get enough support beneath the stock of your rifle. I think TAB Gear nails this issue on the head. There is just enough fill to squeeze the bag and adjust the shooting height of the rifle but not so much that the bag is overly stiff and not as flexible in different shooting positions. A nice feature on a lot of bags is the hand straps so you can put your hand through the strap and grab the bag like a glove. It’s a common feature, but a welcome one. It also enables you to say, put the strap over the legs of your bipod if shooting off a barricade in competition or on a call out or mission for the LE/MIL crowd. It lays very flat when slung on the bipod legs and I like that. There is also a carry loop on the bag so you can run your sling through it and keep the bag on the rifle or use a carabiner to clip it to your bag or belt.


This is my go to bag most of the time and as such it has seen quite a bit of use. I’ve used it to support the rifle off of a barricade shot and its frequently absorbing recoil as it gets pushed around beneath the rifle on rocky and concrete surfaces. No tears, barely anything I would call a scuff. This bag has held up extremely well and I can’t emphasize what a value it is when it is constructed this well at this price point.


I’m going to mention the price specifically in this review because I think at $20.00 USD for a great bag made in the USA, it’s a value that really deserves to be mentioned. For the money I don’t think you can beat this bag! You have a product made in America that lasts and performs extremely well and it costs less than you would spend on dinner. How do you beat that?

Tab Gear Rear Bag - Horizontal Under The Rifle

Tab Gear Rear Bag – Horizontal Under The Rifle

Tab Gear Rear Bag - Vertical Under The Rifle

Tab Gear Rear Bag – Vertical Under The Rifle

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