The TAB SAC loaded up

TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier

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We’re no strangers to TAB Gear products at AccuracyTech. Today we’re taking a look at the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier. The idea is pretty simple but it’s also pretty slick. We’ve been using it to manage ammunition for a while now and have had a positive experience with the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier. It has proven to be a very useful way to lug ammunition around a field match while still remaining accessible for reloading magazines between stages.


The TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier is put together from quality components, as usual from a TAB Gear offering. They use 1000 Denier Cordura to make the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier. It uses a heavy duty zipper with a paracord pull. They have double stitched the edges for durability and resistance to wear and tear while you are tossing it from bag to bag or bumping into things with it mounted to your pack. They use elastic loops to enable a user to carry 10 rounds on the exterior of the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier for immediate access.

Photo of the front of the SAC

This is the front of the TAB Gear SAC showing the zipper and easy access loops for 10 cartridges


The design here is pretty simple, but also pretty slick. It’s essentially a pouch that you can dump a full 100 rounds of 308 parent case rounds into for storage. Since the rounds lay in the pouch freely they settle and you don’t get the chicklet effect like you do with your ammunition in a plastic box. That’s especially useful for hunters and the LE/MIL crowd who need to be quiet at times. There are the afore mentioned elastic loops for quick access to 10 rounds. Lastly, there are two internal pockets inside the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier.

The TAB SAC loaded up

This is what the TAB Gear SAC looks like loaded up with 100 unfired 308 cartridges


The TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier has Molle/PALs webbing on the back of the pouch for mounting to packs, belts, and the like. I definitely like the easy access shell loops on the front. Internally there is a large pocket that will hold 100 rounds of loaded 308 parent case ammunition without any issues at all. There is a second pocket, behind the main pocket, that you can toss spent brass into for reloading later on. I think that’s a handy feature since the pouch pulls double duty as an ammunition carrier and also as a dump pouch.

Photo of the rear of the TAB SAC

View of the back side of the TAB Gear SAC

Inside view of the TAB SAC

TAB Gear SAC opened up with 100 rounds loaded and a view of the rear pocket for spent shells with 3 visible

You can mount the pouch to a Molle belt or webbing on a pack if you like. I prefer to use it as a pouch though and toss it in my pack with the other gear. The nice thing about the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier is that it functions a lot like a rear bag with regard to being malleable and shaping itself to conform to the open spaces inside your pack. Plastic ammo boxes for example are rigid, and you have to pack your other gear around them because they need so much space and there’s no way to cram into it because of the hard plastic sides of the box. The TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier will conform to open space in a pack and allows you to be a bit more judicious with your use of available space.


As with all TAB Gear products, the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier has held up well to the common use and abuse that my stuff receives during a typical range trip or day shooting at a Tactical Rifle Match. I’ve tossed it around as much as possible and it’s held up just fine. To be honest I was tossing it around more to see how it would affect the ammunition than any concern I had for durability of the pouch. The rounds seem to be largely unaffected by the general jostling they receive. I’m sure if you threw the pouch into a boulder as hard as you could or stomped on it you could probably damage some of the rounds but everyday use doesn’t seem to bother them. Obviously the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier itself held up just fine without any signs of wear at all.


With regard to price, the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier is right in line with similar products and what they cost. The price is well worth the features and function you get out of the unit for $50.00. The TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier is exceedingly well constructed and TAB Gear stands behind their products. They produce all their products in house using USA made materials and they back their products with a lifetime warranty. You’ll never regret purchasing a TAB Gear Product, certainly not the TAB Gear Silent Ammo Carrier!

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