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AccuracyTech Roadshow: Jard INC.

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Hey guys it’s your favorite viking from the Frozen Wastes again. This time I’ve loaded up my longship for another round of pillage, loot, burn….. Sorry I let my inner monologue out again. I don’t know why that keeps happening. Anyways this time I’m coming to you straight from Iowa. What can possibly be in Iowa I can hear you asking. Well it should be obvious from the image up top. I’m visiting Jard!

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AccuracyTech Goes on the Road: Part 3 Criterion Barrels

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Hey guys, it’s your favorite Viking raider again. Continuing the saga of his journey to Wisconsin. Last I ended where I was rushing off to make it to my next destination, Germantown Wisconsin the home of Criterion Barrels. I left Vortex at 11, and it is roughly 1 hour 45 minutes to Criterion Barrels, and on the way I stopped and grabbed a rather lovely pork tenderloin sandwich for lunch. In addition I found out just how completely rotten the Apple maps app is when it comes to Wisconsin’s completely screwy addresses, which lead to my car nearly getting stuck in the mud on the side of a road that I pulled over on to try and figure out exactly where I needed. Combine this with an emergency pit stop to tank up the car, and I was running a bit late.