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Bullet Trace

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So here’s a topic we haven’t covered before on AccuracyTech…bullet trace! It’s been referred to as a vapor trail, shock wave, etc. but regardless of what you call it let’s be specific about what we’re seeing. If the conditions are right and your optics are positioned appropriately you can actually witness the passage of the bullet in flight as it moves through the air in front of you. You know how if you take a bottle of water and swirl it real fast you can see a little water tornado in the bottle? If you were somehow able to turn that bottle on its side while that was happening so the small tip of the tornado was facing away from you and the large part of the cone was nearest to you, that’s what it looks like in flight. Like a little vortex turned on it’s side. The neat thing is you can actually track the bullet in flight! Hence the term, bullet trace.