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How to Buy a Suppressor

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This article is going to cover the process of purchasing your first suppressor. Many people are shocked that it’s possible to do this. Thank Hollywood and the Anti-Gun advocates for that. Owning a suppressor is, and has been legal, for many years. Its legend and lore that makes people think a suppressor is only a tool for criminals and that they are illegal to possess. This is not to say that there aren’t some legalities you need to consider, or some hoops to jump through in order to acquire one. That’s what this article is all about, the legalities and the process of purchasing a suppressor for your personal use!

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Using a Suppressor: 101

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What is a suppressor? What’s the point of using one? How are they usually portrayed? We’re going to tackle some common suppressor myths and questions in this week’s article! I can simplify the subject of the suppressor fairly easily by just saying there’s a lot of bad information and many misconceptions about the suppressor. Contrary to popular belief, the suppressor is not a tool used only by criminals and assassins. There are a number of positive benefits to shooting with a suppressor. Many people have a much more positive experience with firearms if a suppressor is used, whether it’s the shooter, the bystander, or the neighbors that live near a shooting range! There are few downsides and many positive benefits of using a suppressor, so let’s get started!