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First Aid on the Range

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Today I’m going to do a real basic post on some first aid on the range! The information I’m relaying is straight out of a Law Enforcement Tactical Casualty Care class. If you’re unfamiliar with the TCC, TECC, TCCC, courses…they’re all variations on military medicine guidelines that have been revised in recent years. Some courses are more involved than others. For more information, head over to the NAEMT website, which is loaded with information including local class locations. The basics you want instruction on are the application of tourniquets, wound packing, use of hemostatic agents, and if possible…how to deal with sucking chest wounds. Those are the basic wounds and techniques likely to occur as a result of a gunshot wound, whether deliberate or unintentional. However, this information is truly invaluable. A bad car accident can easily cause some of the same wounds, so don’t think it only applies to gunfire!