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How To Read the Wind – The Ultimate Guide – 4

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Part 4 of our How to Read the Wind – The Ultimate Guide series is going to center on the right equipment to read and estimate the wind’s effects. We’re also going to touch on terrain effects and how weather moves in general across North America. By getting a better understanding for how weather systems move you gain a better understanding for how wind speeds and directions can change. You also start to realize how maybe something you are seeing that you think is happening, really isn’t happening at all. Always be a student of observation and constantly calibrate your senses so that your guesses about the conditions match what’s really happening as closely as possible!

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How To Read the Wind – The Ultimate Guide – 2

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Welcome to the second segment of our How to Read the Wind – The Ultimate Guide series at AccuracyTech! In this installment we’re going to discuss angles. The wind is always changing and depending on your angle in relation to the target and the wind, the effects of the wind will change as well. You have to be able to assess the conditions and how they affect your adjustments quickly so that you can make the shot before conditions change. We’re going to give newer shooters the tools to do that by discussing the different components of a firing solution in detail. Today, let’s dive into angles!

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How To Read The Wind – The Ultimate Guide – 1

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I’m finally getting around to this one, Wind Reading! I’m going to stress from the get go that this is merely one of several ways of going reading, or doping, the wind. The idea is to observe what is happening around you, come up with an idea of how that will affect your bullet’s path during flight, and apply a correction or hold in order to ensure a hit. How people go about this is subject to a lot of lore and superstition. If you have your own technique that works for you, that’s great! In fact, add it to the comments, the more information people have at their disposal, the better! This is just how I do it. It’s meant to give newer, or less experienced shooters, an idea and a way to get started.