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Ocular Lens Focus and Parallax Adjustment

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There is often some confusion when discussing the topics of ocular lens focus and parallax adjustment. People confuse the terms for each other and they misunderstand what it means to have a parallax free image. We are going to discuss how to properly set the focus of the ocular lens and we are going to discuss what parallax is and how to remove it with your scope. People don’t realize just how big an effect that parallax error can create when shooting and they often misadjust the parallax as they try to correct problems with the focus of the ocular lens. Lets break the topics down and discuss how to get it right!

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Focal Planes Explained

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I frequently see a lot of discussion with regard to focal planes. People often misunderstand what they are, how they work, the differences between them, and which is really appropriate for their specific use. Lets start by discussing what we mean by focal plane and what the differences between them are. When we talk about a magnified optic’s focal plane, we’re discussing whether the reticle is located in front of the magnification assembly or behind it.