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Huber Two Stage Trigger – Myth Destroyed

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So we have discussed the whole, “The Huber trigger isn’t a real two stage trigger,” thing before. I discussed how silly this is in a prior post where I talked about my impressions of the Huber trigger after a demo day at the Sniper’s Hide Cup in 2015. If you aren’t familiar with the differences between a single stage and a two stage trigger, we’ve got a post for that, too! So if we’ve talked about it before, why are we discussing it again? Well, because the myth that the Huber trigger is somehow dangerous, and less desirable, than other two stage triggers is still prevalent on the Internet today. Having had the experience of a demo, and then purchasing a Huber of my own, I’ve got some experience with the item now after about a year with it on my match rifle. Frankly, the misconception annoys me and I still see people saying, “The Huber isn’t a real two stage trigger, so that’s not good!”