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IDENT Marking Services

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If you haven’t heard of IDENT Marking Services, they’re a Texas based company that does laser engraving. Specifically, they can laser engrave your receiver if you plan to file a Form 1 and make yourself a short barrelled rifle (SBR). While this is usually talked about in the context of the AR15, and that’s actually what I had engraved, it can be applicable to the precision shooting crowd as well. Think about the potential for a handy, short rifle, chambered in 300BLK for hunting at shorter ranges. You could do it on an auto loader platform like an AR15 or on a bolt action like a Remington Model 7 or Model 700 receiver. With an 8-10″ barrel you would still be getting the most out of the cartridge, while having an exceptionally small package to use for closer range precision work!