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National Rifle League – Mile High Shootout

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This past weekend I was fortunate enough to attend the National Rifle League match in northern Colorado, the Mile High Shootout! This match was put on by Robert Quigley and a host of good folks that donated their time to make it happen! It was set in the hilly countryside about 17 miles west of Craig, Colorado! It was a great venue that offered extremely challenging wind conditions. That was all paired up with a challenging course of fire to round out maybe the most difficult match I’ve ever shot. I think there were a number of guys who walked away from it a bit humbled! It still made for a great time!

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Owens Armory Battle Royale 2017

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After having such a blast at the Owen’s Armory Battle Royale match there was no way I couldn’t do a recap after getting home. This was the first National Rifle League match I’ve attended and only the second that they have hosted in 2017. I have to say it was an absolute blast! It was a really fun match with all kinds of interesting stages arranged along the Arizona landscape. They didn’t just pick any spot of land in Arizona, either. They pulled some strings and managed to host it at Gunsite Academy which has never allowed a national level match like this on their property before! Talk about an incredible facility. Gunsite is every shooter’s dream. Thousands of acres of landscape and dozens of ranges dedicated to the refinement of shooting skills!