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IDENT Marking Services

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If you haven’t heard of IDENT Marking Services, they’re a Texas based company that does laser engraving. Specifically, they can laser engrave your receiver if you plan to file a Form 1 and make yourself a short barrelled rifle (SBR). While this is usually talked about in the context of the AR15, and that’s actually what I had engraved, it can be applicable to the precision shooting crowd as well. Think about the potential for a handy, short rifle, chambered in 300BLK for hunting at shorter ranges. You could do it on an auto loader platform like an AR15 or on a bolt action like a Remington Model 7 or Model 700 receiver. With an 8-10″ barrel you would still be getting the most out of the cartridge, while having an exceptionally small package to use for closer range precision work!

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How to Buy a Suppressor

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This article is going to cover the process of purchasing your first suppressor. Many people are shocked that it’s possible to do this. Thank Hollywood and the Anti-Gun advocates for that. Owning a suppressor is, and has been legal, for many years. Its legend and lore that makes people think a suppressor is only a tool for criminals and that they are illegal to possess. This is not to say that there aren’t some legalities you need to consider, or some hoops to jump through in order to acquire one. That’s what this article is all about, the legalities and the process of purchasing a suppressor for your personal use!