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Getting Started in Competition Shooting – P3

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In this installment of our Getting Started in Competition Shooting series we’re going to discuss some skills and topics of discussion for different levels of competition. Things like managing your time and having your DOPE ready can really matter. Different stages are set up in different ways and some can be real time crunchers. There are places to save time and there are places newer shooters make errors. We’re going to discuss some of those. The idea being to prepare those of you interested in getting into competitive shooting for what you are likely to encounter!

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Positional Shooting Part 1

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So we’ve talked a lot about positional shooting lately. Especially, as I’ve been preparing for my first national level match in a while. We’ve talked about the importance of dry fire. What we haven’t done much of is talk about positional shooting itself. What positions are commonly encountered? Which sort of props or obstacles you might be likely to encounter at a match? How do you approach them? These are all topics that will take some time to hash out. So this will be another multi part series! For this week, we’re just going to get started!

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Controlling the Wobble Zone

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We’ve been talking a lot about tripods and positional shooting lately so today we’re going to discuss controlling the wobble zone. The testing of the higher end tripod upgrades continues and you will be hearing more about that soon. However, the wobble zone is a topic that’s worth discussing since it’s something you deal with during any positional shooting work. Essentially, what we’re discussing is the size and path of reticle drift when shooting from an unstable position. It follows a fairly predictable pattern but the size and speed of the wobble zone will vary depending on the stability of the shooting position. Lets get to it!