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Precision Reloading – Brass Resizing Methods

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Here’s a reloading topic that comes up quite a bit when discussing Precision Reloading: Full Length Sizing Vs Neck Sizing Brass. What’s the difference between them and which is better? We’re going to cover those questions along with an explanation as to the precision reloading process on both sides. The main things you have to keep in mind when deciding what method to use when sizing your brass is what your ultimate goal has become. Are you looking to get the absolute longest life and longevity out of your brass or are you looking for a more consistent preparation of the cases. Full length sizing will generally offer the best reliability and consistency while neck sizing offers better brass longevity.

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Precision Reloading – Cleaning Brass

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As we publish articles in our series on Precision Reloading we’re going to attempt to do them in a logical order that mirrors the precision reloading process. For that reason the first article that delves into the precision reloading process itself, after defining what it is in the first article, is going to be on the subject of cleaning brass. That might seem strange, but there’s a reason for it. You want to start your precision reloading process with some sort of cleanup of your fired cases. That way as you lube them and run them through sizing dies you aren’t forcing dirt and small pieces of stone and other gunk up into the dies. You want to keep the dies clean and free of burrs or gouges on the interior.