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Short Action Precision Rear Bag – The Run N Gun

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Today we’re posting up our review of the Short Action Precision Rear Bag, they call it the Run N’ Gun! Why? It was created to be used not only as a rear bag, but also to facilitate shooting in dynamic, compromised, and awkward shooting positions! This rear bag comes with a strap that can be used to secure the bag beneath the stock of a rifle for use shooting off of barricades, fence posts, car hoods, whatever you can think to throw at it! On the bottom? An anti-slip grippy pad designed to further aid in keeping the rifle from moving around despite the cramped position you might find yourself shooting from at a Precision Rifle Match or perhaps a sandy battlefield! The Short Action Precision Rear Bag offers everything you could expect from a rear bag, and a boatload more!

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Rear Bag Vs Monopod

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When discussing whether to use a rear bag or a monopod in precision rifle shooting it feels almost like the Ford vs Chevy debate. I’m going to say right now that this is really a personal preference thing so the shooter should pick the option they prefer. Having said that this post will discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of each option in hopes of educating new shooters about the options. There are excellent products available in both categories and we’ll toss in some experiences with the products we’ve used so far. If you aren’t sure which you like better I would encourage you to try and find somebody with the bag or monopod you are considering and see if they will let you fire a few rounds off of it to help you decide!