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Accurate Reloading by Chronograph Pt. 3

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Welcome back! We’re onto Part 3 of our Accurate Reloading By Chronograph series of articles here. In part one we discussed briefly the idea behind our reloading method. In part two we took our first trip to the range and reviewed the results. Now, in part three, we’re going to refine those results further! The idea is to really close in on what charge weight gets you the results you want with the bullet you chose. You want to get as close to your velocity goal as possible without running into pressure. In the end, accuracy is more important. If you have to drop a little velocity to avoid pressure or get a tighter result on the chronograph…do it! Now let’s get back into it!

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Accurate Reloading by Chronograph Pt. 2

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When discussing the AccuracyTech method for accurate reloading, it helps to have a clearly defined objective. This is the process we’ve developed and have used, with success, to develop 1/2 MOA or better loads across a variety of calibers and catridges.┬áThis load development project was done over the span of …

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Powder Burn Rates, Pressure, And Accuracy.

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Hey guys, it’s your favorite Varangian fron Vinland again. Today I might come over all Ben Stein, but what I’ve got to talk about can be very important. Some of you who think you may know it all might even find yourselves learning. Today I’m going to talk about powder burn rates, pressure, and accuracy. Have those who wished to run away yet? Alright for those of you who were kind enough to stay, let’s get rolling.

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5 Shortcuts for Reloading in Record Time

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Today I’m going to go over 5 shortcuts for reloading I’ve discovered over the years. As you can see from the photo above, I’m stuck inside today with about a 2ft snow drift outside the garage! So what can a person do with a snowy day? Certainly it leaves an opportunity for catching up on any reloading that needs to be done. One of the more daunting issues I had when I first got started was the sheer time it took me to hand load around 50 cartridges. Certainly with the basic tools, it can be done. However, there are some tools that are more expensive. Ever hear the saying, “You get what you pay for?” Well, several of the 5 shortcuts for reloading I’m going to go over are gear related. Some items just help speed up the process, and some are more technique driven. I’ll let you decide which are worth it!

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Accurate Reloading by Chronograph Pt.1

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There are a number of ways with which a person can accomplish load development, for a given rifle and cartridge, that will result in accurate reloading. Many popular methods have given reloaders good results for a long time, anything from the OCW method to ladder tests. However, we have noticed …

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Wildcat Cartridges

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What’s a wildcat cartridge? In simple terms, it’s a way of creating a new cartridge or caliber, by tweaking some aspect of an existing caliber. An easy example are Ackley Improved calibers. The idea is by making a steeper shoulder angle, you can have more straight body in the case, and more capacity. So an Ackley Improved 243 Winchester can be formed by firing a 243 Winchester case in a barrel with the Ackley Improved chamber. As pressure in the case rises, and the brass heats up, it will expand to fill empty space. You may have heard of ‘blowing the shoulder out’ which is what you would be doing. Wildcats can be created by tweaking many aspects of the case. Some are worth the trouble, some aren’t, and we’re going to discuss some of the advantages and pitfalls!