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CED M2 Chronograph

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There is an essential tool for any serious reloader and that tool is the chronograph. Read up on the Competitive Edge Dynamics Millennium 2 Chronograph review here at AccuracyTech and decide whether or not you think this is a tool that’s worth the coin. Before we get into the features of the CED Millennium 2 in our Chronograph Review we need to talk about why this is a necessary tool in the first place. For the casual handloader/reloader it may not be essential. For anyone who loads their own ammo for competition purposes, this is a critical tool. Whether loading for a pistol and you need to determine if you will make the power factor limits for USPSA or 3 Gun competitions, or if you load for rifle and want to make sure you have the most consistent ammo possible, you need information that the Chronograph gathers.

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Hornady Concentricity Gauge

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If you are into shooting at all, you are either reloading already, or you probably will begin to in the future. Particularly in the precision shooting realm, affordable and match grade are terms that do not mesh well. At the time this review was written, Federal Gold Medal Match ammunition, is going for $29.99 per box of 20 rounds. That works out to $1.50 every time you pull the trigger. That’s all fine and well and you can’t take anything away from Federal, they make great ammo. Unfortunately, most of us can’t afford to shoot as often as we want at that price point. So we learn to reload our own ammo. Reloaders are a fickle and superstitious group, always looking for ways to make their ammo a little better, a little more accurate, and a little more consistent. Runout is one issue that can cause issues for the reloader, and Hornady has a solution, the Hornady Concentricity Gauge.