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Bushnell DMR2 – Impressions

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I had a chance to look over one of the new Bushnell DMR2 scopes when I visited Mile High Shooting this week. I don’t own one and certainly can’t speak to things like it’s durability or tracking but I did get to have a look at it and see what kind of impressions I could form. If you make a few assumptions about the scope you can start to see a somewhat clear picture of what to expect. For example, the Bushnell DMR2 had several predecessors. The Bushnell DMR, ERS, and XRS scopes. Those three scopes are wildly popular in the precision shooting world. They can be had for around $1500 down from the $2000 or so retail prices they command. They all track well, have decent glass, and have spent a lot of time in Military, Law Enforcement, and Competition scenarios. The durability of those scopes is established, consistent, and backed by Bushnell’s “No Questions Asked, Lifetime Warranty.” The question becomes whether the new DMR2 will live up to what came before it. Read on to see what I thought after some brief hands on time!