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Giraud Case Trimmer

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This review is long overdue, the Giraud Case Trimmer! This is the Rolls Royce of case trimmers. It is the case trimmers most other case trimmers hope to be when they grow up. It’s made right here in the USA. “What makes it so special,” you might ask? It does three things at the same time. It trims the cases to length. The trimmer adds a 15 degree chamfer to the inside of the neck for seating bullets. The Giraud also adds a 45 degree chamfer to the outside of the case rim for easy chambering. Traditionally, all three of those steps are separate operations. Which make for a longer overall processing time a the reloading bench. The Giraud Case Trimmer does all three steps in one pass, and it does a really nice job!

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Exos-Gear Bravo Series Bag

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A month ago a company called Exos-Gear got a hold of us and asked if we’d be willing to give their Bravo Series bag a try. I love doing this kind of thing, especially because I love sharing my experiences, and in this case it’s positive. Exos-Gear sent me one of their Bravo Series in Olive Drab for testing, and I figured the best use for it immediately would be for use as a range bag. So let’s get through some of the preliminary stuff first.

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Exos Defense Ti-7 Buttstock

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We were talking with the folks over at Exos Defense and Exos Gear recently about some products they wanted us to take a look at. I took them up on their offer to check our their Ti-7 buttstock and really liked how it turned out. For starters, their packaging is beautiful! Not that I buy products based on packaging, but it’s a nice touch when the product you shell out money for comes in good looking packaging! I was also surprised to find a whole slew of schwag in the box beyond just the stock. They also sent over their trigger guard, pistol grip, and stock support for precision work! First thing I did was bust out some tools to get everything mounted up, then I shot with the stock and accessories for a while. I took it to a qualification course at work. I even mounted a 1-4x scope on it to really try out the stock support. How did it all go? Read on!