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Don Shoots His First Precision Rifle Match

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Hey everyone it’s your favorite Langobard from the Lands of the North again. It’s confession time. There’s something I’ve been keeping from all of you. It’s important considering our subject material here at Accuracy-Tech. Are we ready for this? Here it goes. Until recently I had never shot in a …

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Shooting with Both Eyes Open

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Shooting with both eyes open is another one of those topics that newer shooters seem to have issues with. Yes, that’s a photo from a movie, but it illustrates exactly what we’re going to discuss, shooting with both eyes open. Once again I believe the real issue is improper prior habits. Somewhere along the line Grandpa or somebody told you to close your non dominant eye so it is easier to see through the eye behind the optic. The problem is, that practice is not conducive to accurate shooting, especially at distance. By closing one eye you are contracting a muscle and that requires you to split your concentration between keeping the eye closed and making the shot. It creates muscular strain which can be distracting as well.

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Hold or Dial for Windage

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What we are describing here is the choice between physically dialing a windage adjustment in by physically moving the windage turret and using a hold off for wind. Hold offs are another term for Kentucky Windage. The process is fairly simple and most people do it instinctively if they are able to observe a shot and how far they miss the target. Rather than aim dead center of a bulls eye with your sights lets say you noticed that you missed by six inches off to your left. You can then hold off six inches to the right, so the center of the bulls eye is no longer the point of aim, but when you fire the additional round you score a hit.

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How to Zero a Rifle

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In this post we are going to be discussing how to properly zero your scope on a precision rifle. It’s easy enough once you’ve done it but this can be daunting for newer shooters. For starters, let’s talk a little about the shooting aspect of zeroing your rifle. Obviously, you need to fire at a target, and adjust the scope so that by default the bullets land where the crosshairs are pointed at a given distance. What distance should you use though? If you want my opinion, 100 yards. Always 100 yards. Most drop tables and charts use a 100 yard zero but that isn’t the best reason to use that distance.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Shooters – 2014

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This is a first for us but with less than two weeks before Christmas it seems like a good idea to come up with a quick list of good Holiday Gift Ideas for Shooters. If you are tired of boxer shorts and socks under your tree then start sending this list of Holiday Gift Ideas for Shooters to your family and friends and maybe we can swap out a bottle of cologne you aren’t going to wear for one of the cool items on our list of Holiday Gift Ideas for Shooters. Let’s get started with our list of ten suggestions, prices, and where to find them. We’re going to start on the lower end of the price scale on our list of Holiday Gift Ideas for Shooters.