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Rifle-Shooter System

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Hey All! Today’s article is going to discuss the topic of the Rifle / Shooter System. When we talk about the Rifle/Shooter System it’s a way of combining a number of different elements that come together for you to engage a target at distance. We talk a lot about gear, what trigger breaks cleanly, what scope tracks well, what barrel offers good accuracy. However, one large element of the Rifle/Shooter System, is the shooter! You can take a six thousand dollar rifle capable of 1/4 MOA accuracy, and in the hands of a novice, not be able to get hits at all. Likewise you can take a cheap, factory rifle, and in capable hands still have great success engaging targets at distance. The Rifle and the Shooter are equally important, but how they interact and cooperate is something of a sliding scale. That’s the concept we want to discuss!