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Top Posts of 2015

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So here’s another first for us, the Top Posts of 2015! This is based on traffic to the AccuracyTech website, which increased approximately 600% this year over last year. That may or may not sound all that impressive, but it actually had increased 300% last year over the year before. So not only is traffic increasing, year after year, the rate of the increase is getting higher as well. These were the top ten most frequently visited articles. You may have seen some earlier as they were published. This is a chance for people to catch up on the top posts of the year they may have missed. I’m also going to talk briefly about why we believe we’re seeing these articles receive so much traffic!

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Long Range Shooting with a Semi Auto

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I see the question asked all the time. Why not use a semi automatic rifle for long range shooting? It would make a great competition gun, right? Yes and No. Maybe you’ve heard the other side of the argument? You know, the one that says semi automatic rifles can never be as accurate as bolt action rifles. Like all myths, there are elements of those surrounding the use of semi automatic rifles for long range shooting that are factually correct. There are also elements of the same notions that are just ridiculous and not true. We’re going to examine both sides and let you, the reader, make the call for yourself.