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Pro Ears Hearing Protection

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Hey everyone, it’s the bearded Vulgarian from the Frozen Wastes again. Today I’m going to cover something that’s pretty near and dear to my heart, hearing protection. Specifically the Pro-Ears P300 Gold Electronic Earmuffs. See I worry about my hearing and what it’s going to be like in my old age. As we all should know, shooting can be extremely damaging to one’s hearing, and the damage is cumulative to your hearing loss. One thing that has annoyed me is my inability to hear conversation with a friend while at the range, or those important sounds while hunting.

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BEST Targets Gong and Flasher Target

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Steel targets are a thing of beauty. There’s something magical about hearing the report of a bullet slamming into steel at long range. It’s an incredible experience. Picking the right target can be tricky, though, especially if you haven’t purchased one before. That’s where the folks at BEST Targets come in. We received a generous offer from Scott Whitehead at BEST Targets to take a look at their new Gong and Flasher target system. It ships with everything you need to set up for shooting, except some pieces of cheap rebar easily purchased at any Home Depot or Lowes for less than $20 bucks. The rebar combines with the target stand ends to form a four legged stand. The high quality AR500 steel target and flasher hang from the stand and react when hit with precision rifle fire. It’s an extremely slick setup at a reasonable price, if I’ve got your attention…read on for the details!