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Don Shoots His First Precision Rifle Match

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Hey everyone it’s your favorite Langobard from the Lands of the North again. It’s confession time. There’s something I’ve been keeping from all of you. It’s important considering our subject material here at Accuracy-Tech. Are we ready for this? Here it goes. Until recently I had never shot in a …

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Pro Ears Hearing Protection

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Hey everyone, it’s the bearded Vulgarian from the Frozen Wastes again. Today I’m going to cover something that’s pretty near and dear to my heart, hearing protection. Specifically the Pro-Ears P300 Gold Electronic Earmuffs. See I worry about my hearing and what it’s going to be like in my old age. As we all should know, shooting can be extremely damaging to one’s hearing, and the damage is cumulative to your hearing loss. One thing that has annoyed me is my inability to hear conversation with a friend while at the range, or those important sounds while hunting.