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Badger Ordnance Cat’s Eye

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The Badger Ordnance Cat’s Eye is an accessory that really only benefits folks using a Leupold MK4 or Gold Ring Spotting Scope. However, for those of you out there with a Leupold spotter, this thing is pretty neat! It has two functions. It decreases the aperture of lens which reduces the amount of light allowed in, and any glint allowed out. It also functions as a pretty high dollar lens cap. Is it worth the $135? Does it have any detrimental effect on the quality of the image or the ability for somebody to use the scope? We’ll answer those questions in more in today’s article!

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Spotting Scopes Make Better Shooters

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Interesting statement isn’t it? Spotting Scopes Make Better Shooters! It’s a true statement believe it or not. When you read articles written about precision shooting the focus is almost entirely upon the shooter, the act of shooting, or how to shoot more accurately. Why so little attention granted to the role of Spotter? Partly because it’s a less sexy job than shooter. Partly because if you are shooting correctly, you don’t need a spotter. However, that isn’t to say that taking on the role of Spotter is useless. Or that there’s no place in the modern precision markman’s toolkit for a spotting scope. This article is going to look at some of the benefits to owning a quality spotting scope and actually performing in the role of Spotter!