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Steiner Optics Tour Gallery

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This is the gallery page for the Steiner Optics Facility Tour. We added images not used in the post to this posting to keep page load times for the main article down. When you have 50 high resolution images trying to load on one page it keeps people waiting longer than most would care to. This way you can read the article quicker and still access the full list of images.

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Steiner Optics Facility Tour

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I was able to tour their facility and see how their scopes are made, from the bare tubing all the way through the production process. Why is that interesting? Mainly because Steiner just dropped a bomb at the 2014 Sniper’s Hide Cup. They are releasing a new line of scopes to include a 3-15x and 5-25x in the new T5Xi Tactical line. The new scopes were designed, and will be almost entirely manufactured and assembled in Greeley, Colorado! The Steiner folks will still be importing the top notch glass from Germany but by producing the rest of the scope parts and components here in the United States they actually are saving money on import/export taxes and fees. They plan to pass those savings on to the Tactical Rifle consumer and in the same breath jump head first into the mid range scope market by introducing a higher quality product at an extremely competitive price.