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Evolution of Tripod Shooting – PT4

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I know some time has passed since the last installment of the Evolution of Tripod Shooting series of articles. There’s a reason. I wanted to get some time in with the new Really Right Stuff tripod setup. I wanted to try it both with a traditional saddle mount and a …

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Evolution of Tripod Shooting PT3

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Another week goes by and with some shooting done at the range it’s time for another update on the Evolution of Tripod Shooting series! Last time we had talked about how there are some theories and some rumors flying around about how different aspects of tripod shooting improve accuracy. We talked about keeping the rifle low on the tripod, direct mounting versus saddle style, etc. This week I’m going to give a preliminary report on how I’ve gone about testing some of those claims. I’m also going to set up PT4 where I’m going to do some direct comparisons and report back with the results on the different theories about tripod shooting enhancements.

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Evolution of Tripod Shooting – PT2

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In this weeks article on the Evolution of Tripod Shooting we’re going to take a closer look at the shift in tripod choices and technology. In Part 1 we talked a little about where tripod shooting came from, how it was first adapted to long range precision shooting, and the direction its now shifting toward. This week we’re going to discuss more about the individual changes we’re starting to see. Why is one tripod being picked over another? What would make one mounting system better than others when it comes to QD plates? What specifications should you be looking at when considering a tripod purchase? Things like that, ready? Let’s get to it!

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Evolution of Tripod Shooting PT1

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This week’s article is on the evolution of tripod shooting! I thought over the next few months we would take a similar approach in another multi part series on tripod shooting. Specifically, where it came from and how it’s been evolving. We’re right in the middle of what appears to be a Quantum Leap (remember that show?) in tripod shooting technology. For the longest time guys would just grab a regular camera tripod and cook up a homemade rifle rest from a piece of PVC tubing and go to work. As positional shooting has become more popular, in large part to the Precision Rifle Series, tripod shooting itself is evolving! That’s the focus of this series of articles, the evolution of tripod shooting!