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Two Stage Trigger Benefits

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Today we’re going to talk a bit about two stage trigger benefits. For those a little unfamiliar with the concept a two stage trigger has a stop built into it where a single stage trigger does not. If you begin to pull a one stage trigger to the rear it will move until it eventually fires in one stage of trigger movement. With a two stage trigger when you begin to press rearward you encounter a stop, known as the break wall. Additional pressure is required to move the trigger rearward past the stop or breakwall to fire the weapon. The concept for this article is why it is advantageous to know exactly where you are in the trigger pull and precisely when the rifle will fire! Let’s get started talking about two stage trigger benefits!

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Single Stage Trigger Vs Two Stage Trigger

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We’re going to tackle another debate issue with this post: Single Stage Vs Two Stage Triggers! This is another of those preference things, there can be benefits to either option when considering a single stage vs a two stage trigger! Your single stage trigger is what most of us are familiar with and grew up learning to shoot on…nothing wrong with them. The two stage trigger actually has a stop, or break wall, that divides the first and second ‘stage’ from each other. This is something typically found in higher price triggers due to the complexity of the design. It does offer something your single stage does not. The question becomes, which one is right for you? Read on as we explore the differences!